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Check Out These Six Weird and Wacky Jobs You Can Get in America

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There are many unusual jobs that exist today—some that require special skill sets, others simple enough to be performed by anyone with an adventurous spirit. Here are some unconventional jobs you can find in America today, with some even offering sizable salaries.

Keeper of the Stanley Cup

Being the keeper of the Stanley Cup is no simple feat. Inscribed with the names of thousands of winning teams since 1892, the prized cup is the oldest professional athlete trophy that can be won in North America. The keeper has to clean it every day and even travels with it for events and promotions throughout the year.

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Golf Ball Diver

When golfers hit and miss, someone has to dive into water hazards to retrieve the submerged golf balls. But the job is not for everyone: divers have to deal with low visibility and, for those working in swampy environs, possible encounters with alligators.

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Ice Cream Taster

A career perfect for those with a sweet tooth, an ice cream taster spends hours tasting a variety of ice creams and grading them based on flavor, smell, texture, and consistency. The perfect candidate must have a strong palate and possess excellent attention to detail.

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Bed Tester

Nothing beats climbing into a warm, cozy bed. Professional bed testers for manufacturing companies lie and sleep on prototype mattresses, then assess the comfort level and bedding quality. They might also have to test pillows, blankets, and other products for a good night’s sleep.

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Jellyfish Harvester

A lucrative career for some with the potential to earn up to $10,000 per day, fishermen in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina harvest cannonball jellyfish and export to Japan, China, and Thailand—where demand is high. The jellyfish is used in soups and salads, and it is even believed to possess medicinal properties.

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Teddy Bear Repair Technician

If you’ve ever bought a teddy bear from Build-A-Bear, you can rest assured that it will last you a lifetime—or longer. Teddy bear technicians in St. Louis, Missouri, can offer to repair and restuff your bear if it ever becomes damaged.

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