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The Left’s Inversion of Facts Surrounding the Election | Truth Over News
How Democrats Invert the Truth to Fit Their Narratives | Truth Over News
Government Surveillance of Americans: Easy and Easily Abused
Wuhan Lab Hid COVID-19 Relative for Seven Years | Truth Over News
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The Secret Meeting that shaped the Natural Origins Narrative | Truth Over News
Inside Durham’s Investigation: Deep State Strikes Back | Truth Over News
Inside Durham’s Investigation: The First Year | Truth Over News
The Origins of the Durham Probe
Cheney Gone From GOP Leadership, but She’s the Symptom of a Larger Problem
Biden’s DOJ Staffed by Same People Who Pushed Russia Collusion Theories Against Trump
Why the GOP is Failing
Wuhan Lab Leak Theory Is Finally Gaining Traction After a Year of Cover-Ups
Corporate CEOs Are Fighting Against Election Transparency–What Is Driving Them?
Hunter Biden Is Back in the News: A Look at the Media’s Cover-Up of His Laptop Scandal
About the show
Real Investigations. Real Analysis. No Narratives. Truth over News is a hard-hitting investigative series exposing real facts behind the narratives put forth by the Corporate Media and D.C. Establishment. With a focus on in-depth research and a dedication to integrity, Truth over News provides honest reporting, real stories and details you won’t hear elsewhere. Offering a factual take in an uncertain world, the show tackles national politics, current events, media narratives and corporate governance issues. Hosts Jeff Carlson & Hans Mahncke have years of experience in cutting edge investigative journalism and multidisciplinary research.
About Jeff Carlson And Hans Mahncke
Jeff Carlson is a regular contributor to The Epoch Times. He is a CFA® Charterholder and worked for 20 years as an analyst and portfolio manager in the high-yield bond market. He has written more than 150 articles for the Epoch Times - including Spygate: The Inside Story Behind the Alleged Plot to Take Down Trump along with a detailed examination and timeline of the FBI’s FISA Abuse. He can be followed on Twitter @themarketswork. Hans Mahncke holds LL.B., LL.M. and Ph.D. degrees in law. He is the author of numerous books and his research has been published in a variety of journals, including the Journal of Chinese Law and Legal Issues of Economic Integration. In addition to his role as in-house counsel, Hans has over 20 years of experience teaching at tertiary institutions across the globe. He can be followed on Twitter @hansmahncke.