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The Beau Show

Beau Davidson

Jan 31, 2023
In an incredible undercover video, Project Veritas has exposed a Pfizer executive, Jordon Walker, who describes mutating viruses under the moniker “directed evolution” to be able to monetize a remedy—meaning, be both the problem and the solution. Pfizer has not denied it. They have not distanced themselves from Jordon Walker or denied he’s an employee. They have just quietly begun disabling comments, which, of course, chills free speech. And the major networks are quiet as mice.
    About the show
    Edu-tainment talk show “The Beau Show” is a culmination of Beau Davidson's diverse talents, using the gift of music and artistry to analyze issues of great public interest. Beholden to no political parties or special interests, he aims to bring Founding Father-intended freedom of speech and expression to the fore, letting that precious liberty steer the course to inform the electorate.
    About Beau Davidson
    Beau Davidson is an Emmy-nominated singer, actor, and songwriter. He is known for movies such as Runaway Romance and The Ultimate Legacy, as well as TV shows The Bold and the Beautiful, and The Singing Bee. Beau was named one of the US Jaycees “Ten Outstanding Young Americans,” an award given each year to 10 people who have been pioneers in their careers while also maintaining a commitment to philanthropy. Beau’s passion for supporting US military and veterans issues has been manifest in his artistic work, such as his music video and composition “Blessed,” and collaborations with the U.S. Army Band.
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