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International Reporters Roundtable

March 18, 2023
Every year, journalists are killed in the line of duty, at home or venturing into war zones and areas of conflict. Sometimes they end up in jail, detained for years on end, or exiled from their countries, forced into hiding. Some go missing, disappear. In this episode of International Reporters Roundtable, we explore what it means to be a journalist on the frontlines. Our guests personally know the reality of reporters being hunted, what it is to face life and death, yet persist in the work of telling the truth. Nazira Karimi, Anjan Sundaram, and Armando Guzman join us to discuss their experiences and those of their colleagues in Afghanistan, Rwanda, and Mexico, the pressures and perils of this essential calling, and shed light on the source of their dedication.
    About the show
    International Reporters Roundtable focuses on international breaking news issues. We invite dedicated panelist journalists from around the world to provide a unique depth of insight and knowledge into events in major hubs of global activity. This show will provide a clearer picture of what is happening in other countries and how it affects—and is affected by—what is going on within our own borders.
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