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Frontline Health

Dan Skorbach

March 23, 2023
In this episode, Dr. Syed Haider, founder of, shares five things that you can do at home to improve your long COVID symptoms without taking more medication. These methods aim to rebalance your body, get your cells to detox, and set you on the right path toward healing. Haider treated over 8,000 people with COVID-19, and they all recovered. In 2021, his focus shifted on patients with long COVID. To date, he has helped over 1,000 long haulers recover from their symptoms. Part of Haider's solution to long COVID is the Phoenix Protocol, which comes as an online course. It focuses on taking the patient on a healing journey through changing their lifestyle. This program also runs coaching sessions. For personalized care, you can get in touch with Haider via his telehealth practice. ----------- FULL TRANSCRIPT: DAN SKORBACH: Let’s start with exercises. What is the right way to do them when you have long COVID or a vaccine injury? DR. SYED HAIDER: Mostly with long COVID and vaccine injuries, you actually want them to avoid, especially the harder exercises, and stick to, if they can tolerate it, zone two exercise. It's like 50-60 or 60-70 percent of your maximum heart rate. But the maximum heart rate method of figuring out if you're in zone two doesn't work very well for long haulers, because their autonomic nervous system is oftentimes running haywire. And their heart rate is way higher than it used to be at baseline. So the way to know that you're in zone two is basically that you're able to carry on a conversation even though it might be a little bit difficult. You're able to breathe through your nose, you're not like huffing and puffing through your mouth. And so if you're on the phone with somebody, they would be able to tell that you were exercising, but you would be able to carry on the conversation. And so that's zone two. And you can actually improve your cardiovascular health dramatically, just with zone two exercise. So for some people, that just means walking. For some people it means maybe a walk with a weighted pack. Or you walk with some dumbbells or something. For other people, it might mean hiking. Or it might actually be jogging. But for long haulers, for most people, it's probably just a walk. So you don't want to go beyond zone two, because oftentimes it makes you far worse. For people who can't exercise, there's this incredible hack called the “soleus push-up.” It was just in the news like a couple of months ago. But in theirs it was just studied in one lab, an exercise physiology lab. And they found that this very, very simple maneuver that you can do while you're sitting at your desk. And basically you lift your heel off the floor and then let it drop back onto the floor. So this thing, this muscle, the soleus muscle which is used for that very simple movement ...
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