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FBI to Provide Document to Oversight Committee Regarding Biden Family Corruption Investigation

June 2, 2023
The FBI is bringing an internal document regarding Biden to Congress next week. It's part of the House Oversight Committee's probe into Biden's alleged bribery scheme. A default has now been avoided. President Joe Biden is set to sign into law the debt ceiling bill after making its way through Congress. How will the deal impact U.S. government spending? New Jan. 6 footage shows then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's daughter filming the evacuation. Some are now pointing to the fact that she's a professional filmmaker. The DOJ closes its investigation into former Vice President Mike Pence. Find out if they are going to charge him over the discovery of classified documents in his home. A Democratic presidential candidate has been barred from Instagram. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says his campaign team is locked out. House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan is launching another investigation. He wants to know the FBI's role in the investigation into former President Donald Trump's handling of presidential records.
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