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California Shouldn’t Use Jails to Solve Homeless and Mental Illness Problems | Sheriff Don Barnes
‘Businesses in California Today Are Conditioning People to Submit to Tyranny’ | Chris Banescu
California Candidate for Governor, Kevin Paffrath
How the Fear of Vaccine Passports Triggered a Recall Against All County Supervisors | Don Wagner
Truth Behind the Mass Exodus of California Businesses | John Moorlach
How California’s Outdated Water Infrastructure Lets Farmland Go Barren | Don and Steve Jackson
The Hidden Side of California’s $272 Billion New Budget | Sen Jim Nielsen
Why Housing the Homeless Is Failing in California | Andy Bales
The Underlying Reason Behind Silicon Valley’s Exodus | George Haber
Why Gov. Newsom Wants an Early Recall Election | Shawn Steel
How Politically Motivated Education Impacts California Students | Christina Sandefur
Will California Mandate Vaccine Passport? | Brad Dacus
How Special Interest Groups Are Shaping California’s Policies | David Crane
Los Angeles Police Officer Reveals Inside Stories From Homeless Encampments | Officer Deon Joseph
Is California’s Green Energy Really Green? | Michael Shellenberger
Why LA County’s Sheriff Supports District Attorney George Gascón Recall | Sheriff Alex Villanueva
Why San Francisco Leads California’s Politics | Tony Hall
Why Government Money Hasn’t Solved California’s Homelessness? | Jim Palmer
California Pushes More Housing But Will It Solve the Affordability Crisis? | John Mirisch
Crime-Ridden San Francisco Streets Prompt Recall of DA Chesa Boudin | Richie Greenberg
Los Angeles Homelessness Worsens After California Spends Billions | Soledad Ursua
How Critical Race Theory is Changing the California Classroom | Dr. Wenyuan Wu
California District Attorney Warns of Anti-Cop and Anti-Victim Agenda | District Attorney Todd Spitzer
California’s Move to Release 76,000 Prisoners Early Sparks Concern | Col. Gary GI Wilson & Gene James
California’s Worsening Drought Highlights Conservation and Lack of New Water Supply | Steve Sheldon
How California Cities are Collaborating to Address Homelessness: Josh Newman and Corey Sianez
How California Created the Homelessness Industrial Complex | Scott Silverman
About the show
California, as the wealthiest and most populated state in the nation, carries many leading roles in policy making, economic growth, cultural influences and technology development. California Insider, hosted by Siyamak Khorrami with The Epoch Times Southern California, showcases leaders and professionals across the state with inside information about trending topics and critical issues. Our mission is to inform California residents through the experiences and knowledge of our guests.
About Siyamak Khorrami
Siyamak Khorrami is a Senior Editor and the General Manager with the Epoch Times Southwestern Region. Prior to joining Epoch Media Group, Siyamak led companies in life sciences, technology, and finance. In 2017, Siyamak joined Epoch Media Group. Siyamak now oversees The Epoch Times newspaper’s development, operation in Southwestern region.