Brother Takes Little Sister to Father-Daughter Dance After Dad Doesn’t Show Up

May 22, 2020 Updated: May 25, 2020

A little girl in Georgia was looking forward to the father-daughter dance night to finally show off her dad to everyone. But when her father didn’t turn up, her big brother stepped in to take up the role.

Seven-year-old Skylar Hamerter’s proud mom, Trelysia Hamerter, later shared her 11-year-old son’s gentlemanly deed on social media, which has since gone viral for its convincing life lesson on upright parenting.

“Just know that I’m raising someone a GREAT HUSBAND one day,” Trelysia wrote.

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Skylar Hamerter. (Courtesy of Trelysia Hamerter)

For the second time in two years, Skylar had been eagerly awaiting her father-daughter dance. Trelysia said that this year Skylar shared her wish in advance, hoping her dad would manage to attend the dance as he stood her up the year before.

“So this year she comes to me ahead of time and says, ‘Mommy, I want my dad to come with me to the dance. I don’t want grandpa. I want my dad, I want everyone to know I have a dad,’” Trelysia, from Covington, told TODAY.

Trelysia hoped that her ex-husband would not let their daughter down this time, but she became increasingly worried when the dance was drawing near as Skylar’s dad had stopped picking up her calls.

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Christian with his sister Skylar. (Courtesy of Trelysia Hamerter)

When Skylar didn’t get a response from her father the day before the dance, Trelysia burst into tears as she was feeling hopeless at the turn of events. “I felt so bad because there was nothing I could do,” the 29-year-old mom said.

When Christian happened to see his mother upset and in tears, he inquired out of concern. Once Christian learned what made his mom and sister so anxious, the young man made up his mind to step in and take his dearest sister to the event.

“If he doesn’t show, mom, I’d like to take Skylar to the dance… she deserves to know that a man can keep his word and that she’s really special,” Trelysia recalled her son’s words.

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Trelysia Hamerter with her two children. (Courtesy of Trelysia Hamerter)

With assurance from her thoughtful son, Trelysia set up to prepare for the worst scenario of Skylar’s dad not attending. She picked a charming blue suit and a gold bow tie for Christian so his clothes would match with Skylar’s gold gown.

As the mother and son had anticipated, Skylar’s dad didn’t show up the next day, and their young lady couldn’t hide her disappointment. “She cried because she had her heart set on going,” Trelysia wrote in her social media post, which has since been shared over 53,000 times.

Fortunately, Trelysia was all prepared, and Christian was ready to attend the event with her sister.

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Skylar and Christian dressed up for the father-daughter dance. (Courtesy of Trelysia Hamerter)

Many social media users congratulated Trelysia for her right parenting and for raising a good man.

“What an amazing big brother!!! Good for him and good for you for raising a young man with such a big heart,” wrote a woman. While another said, “Your son is definitely going to be a great husband and father someday! Your children are gorgeous!”

“Good job mom! He’s an awesome big brother and son… All because of you!” commented another.

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(Courtesy of Trelysia Hamerter)

Talking about her young son, Trelysia noted in her post that Christian had stepped in because “he wanted his sister to know that she deserves a man keeping his word.”

Needless to say, the young man did make his sister feel special on her much-awaited dance night.