Tips on Making a Color Palette for WARM Skin Undertones

Tips on Making a Color Palette for WARM Skin Undertones
Adding different colors and tones is a great way to make your outfits pop. (indira's work/Shutterstock)
Adding different colors and tones is a great way to make your outfits pop, according to fashion and jewelry designer, Justine Leconte. There are a range of colors that suit warm undertones. Follow her tips below to transform your style and wardrobe! 
It’s important to come up with a color palette for fashion decisions as pure colors tend to be too vibrant and harsh on the eyes and on the skin. They’re also difficult to combine with most everyday outfits. 

Creating Warm Color Combinations

“Pure hues are tough on the eye and it’s a lot of contrast,” says Leconte. This is why it’s important to come up with a varied color palette for fashion decisions by using color combinations, she explains. 
You can find the warm colors on the color spectrum by looking at the range where the red, orange, and yellows are located. 
Coral red is generally considered as a warm red since it’s inbetween red and orange, says Leconte. Peach is another one. In the same way, mustard yellow is a mix of orange and yellow and is better suited for an outfit than its primary varieties. According to Leconte, these warm color combinations make great options for adding accents to an outfit, making the look appear balanced and professionally put-together. 

Changing the Intensity of Colors

Most people prefer their main outfit to consist of a more neutral, less bright color palette. This is easily achieved by changing the intensity of the color hues, says Leconte. “Simply adding black can help to tune them down.” Adding black to red will transform it into a gorgeous bordeaux, coral turns into an elegant coffee brown, orange turns into an earthy brown, yellow becomes khaki, and acid green becomes a darker, camouflage green. 
Leconte recommends doing this for any colors within the warm spectrum to result in a harmonious palette. According to Leconte, tuning down vibrant colors is a great way to build a winter wardrobe as this is the time when people prefer wearing more muted colors. 
To complete the look, Leconte advises combining tuned down hues with some brighter ones to give your wardrobe more depth and sophistication. 

Adding Color Accents

“The warmer your undertone, the more you’ll be able look good in bright, saturated, high-chroma colors,” says Leconte. 
If you want a little brightness in your color palette, Leconte advises to take some of the tuned down colors above, and add some brighter tones as your accent colors.
Another strategy is to go deeper within one tone in the warm range. For example, if you like earthy tones, consider picking some hues you like then keep adding black to them till you have more ranges in temperature, says Leconte. The options are infinite! Finally, add a few contrasting accents to complete the look. 
Adding some jewelry is a great way of adding extra depth to your outfit, according to Leconte. If your skintone is closer to a warm brown, she recommends choosing copper and bronze pieces. However, if you have a cooler undertone, consider choosing amber and gold to achieve a flattering look. 
Make sure to follow the tips above to figure out new ways to incorporate warm tones into your outfits and make them pop! Check out fashion and jewelry designer, Justine Leconte’s video for more style tips!
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