The Best Lightweight Suits For Summer

The Best Lightweight Suits For Summer
Lightweight fabrics will help you stay cool in the summertime. (kiuikson/Shutterstock)
Every modern man needs the right suit for each season to complete his wardrobe. While during the colder months, you want to look for warmer materials like tweed, wool, and cashmere, the summer requires an entirely different aesthetic. It’s important to examine the construction of your suit in order to accurately choose the right weight, texture, and breathability for you. Swap out your heavy suits with more lightweight fabrics to help you stay cool without having to compromise your style. Take a look at these lightweight suit types that can be worn throughout the summer heat.

The Linen Suit

As a classic summer material, linen has maintained it’s popularity due to its lightweight nature and effortless charm. One of our favorites is the Club Monaco Grant Linen Suit Jacket. The super light grey color is perfect for absorbing heat on bright days, keeping you cooler and less sweaty. This look is a great way to bring lighter fabric into your wardrobe to keep up with the summer trends.

The Seersucker Suit

When most people think of seersucker, they imagine the old-fashioned striped suit that has been worn throughout history. Seersucker is actually a unique breathable cotton fabric, perfect for more casual events instead of formal business attire. Over the past decades, there has been significant growth in popularity of the seersucker suit, allowing new modern styles to emerge. The J.Crew Destination Suit Jacket is a perfect example, as the all navy look takes trendy yet classy to an entirely new level.

The Cotton Suit

The most versatile option for you this summer will be the cotton suit. Cotton is stiffer than wool to keep you looking professional, and more breathable so that you can cool down in the summer heat. Because it is denser than other summer materials, opt for a lighter color like khaki or light grey. The Far Fetch Eleventy Two-Piece Suit is one of our favorite cotton suits to compliment your refined yet laid back summer style.

The Fresco Suit

If you want an airy yet durable fabric, opt for the fresco suit. Fresco wool is entirely different from regular wool, as it is crafted with looser weaves for maximum airflow. Derived from the word “alfresco,” which means ‘fresh’ or ‘open air,’ the fresco suit is known for it’s crisp feel and breathability. The Allen Grey Lightweight Fresco Wool Suit is a great fresco option that looks elegant while keeping you comfortable throughout your day.

The Chambray Suit

For a comfortable cotton feel with a lighter, glossy fabric, check out the chambray suit. Made soft to the touch and durable all at once, this material will give you the fresh summer look you are looking for. The Bonobos The Foundation Chambray Suit for Men is an ideal choice if you want a suit that will flow with your movements and not restrict you. This look can be paired with tan oxfords and a sleek white shirt for the optimal summer business attire.
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