Stray Labrador-Pit bull Mix and Seven Puppies Rescued From Under a Planned Demolition Site

Stray Labrador-Pit bull Mix and Seven Puppies Rescued From Under a Planned Demolition Site
(Courtesy of Arizona Humane Society)

When two stray dogs were reported living on the site of a planned demolition in Phoenix, Arizona, an emergency dispatch team from the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) arrived on the spot. However, the medical technicians found more than they'd bargained for: a litter of seven puppies living in the property’s foundation.

The call came in on Oct. 14. Demolition workers pointed the medical technicians toward the spot where they had seen two adult dogs repeatedly crawling under the building’s foundation.

When technician Theresa Scheckel spotted the female Labrador-pit bull mix, she knew there was more to the story. “[She] looked like she had been nursing,” Theresa told 12 News.

Theresa and her colleague, Dan, proceeded to spend two hours digging holes on each side of the house to check for puppies beneath the derelict building. Their efforts were not in vain.

After digging a large hole, Dan crawled into the cramped space, according to an Arizona Humane Society (AHS) news release, and soon located the puppies. One by one, he utilized the gurney to slip the puppies from under the dwelling to Theresa before the pair crated the entire family and transported them safely to AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital for treatment. Later, the mother and litter of puppies were taken to AHS’ Mutternity Suites, which provides a space for pregnant and nursing mothers.

The puppies—five boys and two girls—were estimated to be no more than 2 weeks old, and the mother dog 1 year old, at the time of rescue.

After the harrowing rescue, AHS’s Bretta Nelson praised her team’s lifesaving efforts. “This is why they do the work that they do. It’s what they trained for,” she said, adding that AHS has rescued over 4,300 homeless animals in 2019 alone, from similarly perilous situations.

For Theresa, the rescue was one of the most special ones as she states there were puppies involved.

The puppies were examined by veterinarians and were declared healthy. The nursing mother had sustained puncture wounds to her torso due to crawling beneath the house to take care of her babies, but AHS staffers expected her to make a full recovery.

Nelson said the dogs would head to loving foster homes, from where the puppies will be put up for adoption once they have been weaned from their mother. Staffers praised the nursing mom in their news release for being so attentive, claiming that she is equally as sweet with people as she is with her puppies.
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