How to Grill With a Cedar Plank

How to Grill With a Cedar Plank
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One of the best parts of grilled food is that smoky flavor that gets infused with your burgers, chicken, steak or whatever you choose to put on the grill. But did you know there is one tool you can use that will ensure each dish will have that great flavor from the grill?

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Wooden planks are great tools to use while grilling just about anything. There are different types of planks, from cherry to hickory, that will help enhance the flavors in your dish. Cedar is one of the most popular choices and can be used to cook seafood, chicken, pork, vegetables and more.

To avoid a common grilling mistake, make sure to soak the plank in water in a large container for at least 15 minutes with a weight on top of it to keep the plank submerged. This will help prevent the wood from catching fire. Make sure the grill is preheated to at least 400 degrees F before placing the plank on the grill and closing the lid. After five to 10 minutes, flip the plank over to the other side until it begins to smoke. Then place your food on the charred side of the plank.

So the next time you grill chicken, try using a cedar plank for wood-smoked flavoring and to avoid the meat getting dried out from cooking it directly on the grill. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some grilling recipes to try before the summer ends.

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