DO's and DON'Ts: Elegant Nails

DO's and DON'Ts: Elegant Nails
(Courtesy of Anna Bey)
Nails are one of the first things people notice about you so it’s a good idea that they look well presented and manicured. Professional image consultant and fashion influencer, Anna Bey takes us through some DO’s and DON’Ts on how to achieve natural, elegant-looking nails. Read on to learn more! 


French Manicures 

Not only are they very popular but they are also incredibly elegant. However, french manicures can sometimes look tacky, Bey advises staying away from french manicures with a thick white line. Consider doing yours with only a thin line so it’s less dramatic and more natural, says Bey. 

Classic and Feminine Nail Colors

Some options include classic red, burgundy, nude, and pink shades. These are all natural and sophisticated options. “If you want something a bit more bold, consider a plum,” says Bey. 

Short to Mid-Length Nails

Bey recommends keeping nails shorter and more natural-looking. This will give you a more clean, and well-manicured presentation. It’s also much more hygienic to have shorter, manageable nails. 


Extremely Long Nails

Bey advises that nails that are too long are unhygienic because dirt can get under the nail making them harder to clean. They can also appear somewhat tacky and impractical for day to day life. 

Chipped Nail Polish

Try to fix chipped nail polish as soon as you can after it happens, after all, it’s something that can happen due to daily wear and tear. The key is to fix it quickly advises Bey, and not go long periods of time wearing chipped nail polish. To keep her nails looking fresher for longer, Bey recommends using shellac which lasts much longer than traditional nail polish. 

Artificial Nail Colors

Steer clear of anything that appears artificial-looking, advises Bey. This includes vibrant, unnatural colors like blue, orange, turquoise, and neon shades. According to Bey, nail art is also out of the question! These can be distracting and childish. However, if you do wish to opt for nail art, try to choose subtle designs that can still appear elegant. 
Follow these tips to achieve beautiful, natural-looking nails that add a flair of gracefulness to your appearance. Make sure to watch Anna Bey’s video for more ideas! 
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