Design Recipes: The New Mauve and Black

Pastel colors are in and pink looks especially attractive when paired with black.
Design Recipes: The New Mauve and Black
A “pop of pink” adds an unexpected contrast element in this living space. (Handout/TNS)
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By Cathy Hobbs From Tribune News Service

Anyone over the age of 45 will likely remember the “it” colors of the 1980s. But just in case you have forgotten, the color combination was black and mauve. Essentially black paired with a dusty rose shade of pink. Then the color combination became “dated.”

Now black and mauve or deep charcoal/black and soft pinks are back in style. Why? Pastel colors remain in, from soft yellow to powder blue and even mint green and pink is part of this trend. Further, those looking for a contrast color to pair with the harshness of a dark charcoal or black, find a sense of freshness when as space is infused with some hints of pink. When looking for ideas, here are some trends and tips to keep you on the right path.

Look to include “portable design” (items you can take with you and move from room to room or home to home) such as toss pillows and throws.

Curate select pieces of art that can include both the colors black and mauve in a single piece.

Try using black as your larger pieces such as upholstery and mauve for accents.

Experiment with this color combination in various rooms of a home, for example in a living space. Pink doesn’t have to be used in just bedrooms.

Consider the color black for soft goods such as throws, pillows and even items such as rugs, these pieces will last for years to come and can be paired with various colors.

Use multiple items of each color throughout a space, which is a technique called “color mapping” in order to help a space feel cohesive.

Look for interesting ways to infuse color into a space such as with blooms and accessories.

Need a start for your color story? Try finding an inspirational piece that includes both black and mauve as your “inspiration” piece.

Experiment with adding mirrors to a space as this will help to reflect both light and color.

Consider adding greenery to your space. The color green will add an unexpected “pop of color” when paired with black and mauve.

A repetition of black and mauve helps to make the color combination feel cohesive. (Handout/TNS)
A repetition of black and mauve helps to make the color combination feel cohesive. (Handout/TNS)
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