Dear Next Generation: 'Don't Sit Around Waiting for Good Things to Happen, Make Good Things Happen'

Dear Next Generation: 'Don't Sit Around Waiting for Good Things to Happen, Make Good Things Happen'
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Hello from a 78-year-old grandma.

Here are a few words of advice for the next generation:

Begin each day with thoughts of gratitude, for life, for health. There is always something that deserves our gratitude. Have a conversation with your Creator. He’s listening.

Keep close track of your finances, daily expenses as well as long-term goals. Plan for regular savings, however small. Savings bring peace of mind.

Never stop reading to educate yourself. Read biographies of successful people, read opposing viewpoints, read classic literature. Make books and articles part of daily life.

Find a volunteer project where you can share your talents with your community. You need each other.

Search for an exercise or sport you can pursue throughout your life for your health. It can be a part of daily life while increasing energy and fitness.

Refrain from judging others. You can do it!

Dwell on happy thoughts. It’s a choice.

Sending love to you,

Ruth Varner

Act with honor, be truthful and wise; Resist the temptation to be "one of the guys."

Follow your dreams and act with your heart; Use reasoning and judgment to be truly smart.

Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean that you SHOULD Before you act, ask yourself, "What will be the good?"

Make the Golden Rule your ethic, take a high moral stance; Let your conscience be your guide when you decide to take a chance.

Control your anger and recognize fear, Always keep compassion and empathy near.

Courtesy, honesty, dignity, and respect— Fundamentals you should always strive to perfect.

Selfishness and greed are the products of what you TAKE; Accomplishment and fulfillment come from that which you MAKE.

Own your decisions and never shift blame; Lead by example to teach others to do the same.

Listen carefully and learn before using your voice; Your life is what you make of it, your actions are your choice.

Possessions/fame/fortune and happiness do not equate; Serenity and success come from your own mental state.

Respect the rights of others, from the strong to the meek; Don't interrupt, hold your tongue, and let someone else speak.

Tolerance and acceptance are not nearly the same; Avoid derisive comments or holding another out to shame.

Shouting and screaming to be the center of the crowd Doesn't make you right, it just makes you loud.

Keep your attitude in check, don't expect to get your way; Strive to be your best, learn something new every day.

Follow these concepts, the time-tested truth; Become an adult from a well-rounded youth.

Dena Hawes
Dear Future Leaders,

I have successfully counseled young adults with the following adage of my own creation: "There is an ETERNAL CONSEQUENCE for everything you THINK, SAY, and DO."

Remember, you cannot hide from your misdoings. You cannot hide from anything, since eventually you will have to face the consequences of everything you think (the secrets of your mind), say (the secrets of your heart), and do (the secrets of hidden actions). Although you may hope you can get away with "something," you cannot avoid the ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES of everything you THINK, SAY, and DO. Live life with joy and peaceful satisfaction knowing that your life is clean, pure, and without regrets.

Louis V. Carlson


Dear Next Generation,

Advice to the next generations is no different from the past generations.

Have faith that good shall always rise above evil.

Be considerate, thoughtful, and understanding, and have empathy toward your fellow man.

Don't sit around waiting for good things to happen, make good things happen. Educate yourself to the end of time.

Listen to what is being said; we might learn from it.

We can also learn from the past.

Sharon T. Morley


Dear Next Generation,

The best and most profound advice I would like to give to the younger generations is to rid yourselves of those harmful personal digital devices. You can do it! Before the 21st century, those expensive personal digital devices did not exist.

People at that time used their ears to hear, eyes to see, and mouths to speak. These senses, bestowed upon us by God, are essential and natural for us to convey our feelings, emotions, compassion, and excitement.

In today's society, personal digital users have substituted their sensibilities. They text, tweet, email, blog, and Skype as substitutes for moral excellence while living and communicating in cyberspace. The virtual world of reality was designed and fabricated by mankind.

It has made users lazier, narcissistic, and unhealthy. Users are now addicted to their sinister personal digital devices. That is not progress.

There is no upside to having personal digital devices. Sure, those gadgets make it easier and faster to find and do things online. Sadly, so are predators, unreliable sources, and deviant behaviors found online.

No matter the excuses given that might benefit each user, the facts remain that those personal digital devices are corrupt, toxic, and not necessary.

Shopping, education, gambling, and gaming are just a few online attractions that steer users to digital addiction on their devices. The app store is filled with dysfunctional items and misinformation.

I do not text, tweet, email, blog, Skype, or have a website.

I am enjoying life in the real world created by God. Try it!

Ronald Gerard
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