Can You Find the Hidden Number in This Brainteaser Quiz? Test Your Lateral Thinking Skills

Can You Find the Hidden Number in This Brainteaser Quiz? Test Your Lateral Thinking Skills
(The Epoch Times)
Among many joys the internet offers, an abundance of quizzes, games, math problems, and puzzles are not just fun ways to pass the time but also a good workout for your mind.Below is a lateral thinking exercise that’s recently gone viral over several social media platforms and had many people scratching their heads in wonder. Can you solve it without scrolling down for the answer?

The image shows four rows of random single-digit numbers along with one seemingly simple question: Can you find the number 250?

At first glance, the requested number seems nowhere to be found, and the long rows of digits make things even more confusing. Hence, this task demands your full and undivided attention for a few seconds.

(The Epoch Times)
(The Epoch Times)

Do try to find that elusive number all by yourself before scrolling down for the first hint. If you haven’t seen it yet, keep reading and the answer shall be revealed.

Solving these types of puzzles can have a beneficial effect on your memory and concentration. Surprisingly, according to Psychology Today, regularly exercising and keeping your mind active can even slow down the aging process. That’s right! Brainy exercises might just keep you younger for longer. Lateral thinking problems, in particular, make for a great and fun way to exercise and keep your mind sharp as a razor.

Hint 1:

Have you found the number 250 yet? Here’s your first hint: Instead of looking at the rows of digits horizontally or vertically, try looking at them from a diagonal perspective. See if you can find it before scrolling down for your second hint!

Challenging the brain with regular exercise can even help your mind create more neuron connections and have an effect on school and work performance as well as intelligence.

The more time you spend challenging your mind, the more your ability to focus for longer should improve. Just like everything, practice makes perfect.

Hint 2:

Going back to this particular brainteaser, have you seen the number 250 yet? Here’s one more hint: There’s only one 0 in the entire sequence of digits. So try focusing your eyes on finding one figure instead of a three-digit number.

If you’ve already solved the riddle, congratulations! If you figured it out without any of our hints, that’s even more impressive.

If you haven’t yet, not to worry. The results are below.

(The Epoch Times)
(The Epoch Times)
This fun little brainteaser became a viral hit and had over 5,200 shares when it was posted on the I Love My Life, and I Love You community page. The post received over 2,000 comments both from people who claim to have found the quiz easy to solve and those who didn’t.

“Found it. Don’t tell the answer! Let everyone find it!” one such comment read.

While another noted, “Yes, I only took a second to find. Love math.”

And one particularly ingenious commenter showed some tremendous lateral thinking in their answer, “Found 2 of them. One is diagonally on the left; the other is in the question itself.”

Wow! How did we miss that one?

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