Boy, 12, Mows Lawns to Earn Extra Money for His Family of 8 and to Buy New School Supplies

Boy, 12, Mows Lawns to Earn Extra Money for His Family of 8 and to Buy New School Supplies
(Courtesy of Angel Jackson)

A hardworking 12-year-old boy from Georgia is spending his summer earning some extra cash for his family—who need a helping hand—and for school supplies ahead of the next semester.

Jayden Jackson, the second oldest of his five siblings, attends Truth Spring Academy in Columbus, Georgia. Jayden’s mom, 42-year-old Angel, has lupus and is cared for at home by her husband of 15 years.

Jayden Jackson, mowing the lawn. (Courtesy of <a href="">Angel Jackson</a>)
Jayden Jackson, mowing the lawn. (Courtesy of Angel Jackson)

Jayden who loves to mow lawns had once been stopped by someone and was asked why he was mowing.

“He mentioned that he wanted to come up with school supplies for the family,” Ms. Jackson told The Epoch Times.

The family of eight has been living on a disability allowance that Ms. Jackson claims. However, since wanting to help his family with their financial situation, Jayden, who has been mowing lawns for free, recently came up with the idea to do this as an additional source of income for his family.

Jayden borrowed a lawnmower from a neighbor, learned how to use it by watching YouTube tutorials, and now mows lawns for people in his neighborhood.

“He walked up to her one day while she was out gardening and asked if he could help her,” his mom said. “He wants to help anybody he can.”

Jayden with his mom, Angel Jackson. (Courtesy of <a href="">Angel Jackson</a>)
Jayden with his mom, Angel Jackson. (Courtesy of Angel Jackson)
A neighbor of the Jackson family, 77-year-old Jim Hudson, told WTVM that Jayden will be an asset to the community one day. “He could’ve been out playing and running around, but he was trying to make some money,” Hudson said. “He was very impressive. ... At the time, I didn’t need my grass cut, but he still came by and asked. He’s building his customer base.”

Jayden, who is already realizing his dream of becoming “a lawnmower guy,” told The Epoch Times that he believes his siblings can learn “to do good work” from the example he has set for them, and he hopes to keep mowing lawns for a long time.

(Courtesy of <a href="">Angel Jackson</a>)
(Courtesy of Angel Jackson)

The soon-to-be sixth grader charges up to $20 for a full lawn and has made a couple of hundred dollars to date, a fact that won’t go unnoticed since Jayden is “good at math,” his mom said, describing her son as high achieving, very competitive, and a “give you the shirt off his own back kind of person.”

“Jayden is just an amazing kid,” Ms. Jackson said, sharing her parenting philosophy: “I really just teach them ‘family first.’”

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