7 Things to Avoid If You Want to Be Elegant!

7 Things to Avoid If You Want to Be Elegant!
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Looking elegant is more than just your fashion choices, it’s a lifestyle. If you want to appear more elegant, make sure to avoid these seven common pitfalls, as outlined by fashion influencer and professional image consultant, Anna Bey. 

1. Eating Fast Food on a Regular Basis

It’s often tempting to reach for that bag of fries or pop down for a juicy burger, but these choices are far from healthy or elegant. “People who are truly sophisticated really pay attention to the quality of their food,” says Bey. This means avoiding overly processed, fatty foods and limiting these to once a month, if you really have to go. Most of your food should be focused around healthy options and it’s even better if you cook at home. Paying special attention to the quality of your food is important in appearing more elegant but also feeling more beautiful from inside and out!

2. Masculine Body Language

“Elegance and femininity go hand in hand with eachother,” says Bey. Try adding a little touch of femininity to your everyday mannerisms and body language if you want to come across as truly elegant. This can be as simple as not hunching, avoiding sitting with your legs wide open, and not being too grabby when dining with friends and family. 

3. Neglecting Small Details in your Appearance

Bey advises to ensure your appearance does not look unkempt by selecting the right foundation shade for your skin type, correcting chipped nail polish, and making sure you don’t have any loose threads or stains on your clothing. However, as Bey says, “it’s the small details that make the whole thing.” When trying to look elegant, Bey suggests focusing on making smaller improvements because that is what will make the biggest difference in your overall presentation. 

4. Not Having Any Hobbies or Interests 

Being elegant is a lifestyle and involves transforming your life and perspective. You should never waste your life by not doing anything. Make sure you appear authentic and interesting, says Bey, by pursuing interests, taking up hobbies, and occupying yourself with things that bring you joy in your life. “You need to actually gather experiences to have things to talk to people about,” says Bey. Investing in yourself should not just be reserved for fashion or makeup, but also for gaining knowledge and life experiences, such as learning about new cultures and languages. However, never take up a new hobby just for the purposes of showing off, says Bey. This is the opposite of classy! 

 5. Taking Photos Constantly and Showing Off

While it’s perfectly accepted to take photos when the occasion calls for it such as a dinner party or friend’s birthday, try not to appear obsessed with taking pictures, says Bey. This means avoiding constant photo opportunities with landmarks, luxury cars, hotels, and celebrities for the purposes of bragging. A truly sophisticated person steers clear of this kind of behavior as it’s distasteful and unflattering. 

6. Speaking Loudly and Discussing Sensitive Topics

Try to be mindful of your conversation and make sure you aren’t shouting in public. Avoid discussing your intimate life affairs even if you’re out with friends. This can come across as inappropriate to people sitting around you at a restaurant or cafe, advises Bey. Avoid talking about sensitive subjects such as death while out in public as you may unintentionally upset others around you. “Elegance is about being mindful of other people,” says Bey.

7. Being Nosy

Bey advises against being overly curious and investigative. Discretion is an important aspect of being an elegant woman. You should never pry upon people’s lives in hopes of seeking private information. This kind of behavior is intrusive and very disrespectful. “Always make space for people to open up to you with time,” says Bey. 
Try incorporating these simple changes to your behavior and lifestyle to appear more elegant and refined. Make sure to follow elegance coach, Anna Bey for more tips on elevating your style!
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