Brazilia Cafe Officially Launches in NoHo

BY Channaly Oum TIMESeptember 24, 2014 PRINT

Brazilia Cafe, in NoHo, showcases Brazil’s ingredients with a modern eye for New Yorkers who are so often on the go.

Occupying 3,000 square feet, it has the feel of Eataly, on a smaller scale. It was designed by the Costa Group, the same firm that worked on Eataly.

There are different stations: a juice bar, a coffee bar, a bakery, a gelateria, and a soup, salad, and sandwich bar. A 60-seat area accommodates those who dine in.

Although open for a few months, Brazilia Cafe celebrated its official launch on Tuesday.

There is an emphasis on the healthful, like açai bowls and good-for-you smoothies (the signature Brazilia smoothie has banana, mango, kale, açai, and apple cider). For heartier fare, there are dishes like Roast Beef Bauru, or for vegetarians, selections from the Roasted Vegetables section.

For the less-than-healthy cravings, the bakery satisfies with bites like melt-in-your-mouth salted chocolate chip cookies, mini-doughnuts baked fresh and filled to order with jellies and puddings made in house.

Right by the entrance door are the ice creams and gelatos. They are superlative, quite possibly because Malcolm Stogo is the man behind them. Stogo invented both the Cookies ‘n’ Cream flavor and the chocolate-dipped waffle cone.

Small batches are made throughout the day, in the Italian tradition. Flavors range from sea salt caramel to more unusual ones, like pineapple cilantro or açai camu camu berry. The latter is delicious and raises a question: if ice cream has such health ingredients, then it is good for you, isn’t it?

Good news for those who avoid dairy: there are excellent dairy-free ice creams from DF Mavens, with an almond, soy, or coconut base.

The Brew Bar’s coffee beans come from Cafe Brazilia’s own coffee farm in Brazil and roasted in-house. Coffee drinkers can select one of nine different types of coffee beans, in medium or dark roasts, and request their preferred brewing methods—Hario, Chemex, Aeropress, or French press.

Brazilia’s parent company is Fal Foods, which also owns the brands Brazilia Gelato and DF Mavens.

Brazilia Cafe
684 Broadway (at Great Jones)

Channaly Oum
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