Boy Returns Mom’s Ice Cream Money with a Touching Note Saying How She Needs It More

January 31, 2019 Updated: January 31, 2019

Teaching children the right life lessons is one of the main goals of any responsible parent, and doing so amidst the profusion of toxic influences mixed into the culture these days is no easy task.

When our kids turn around and surprise us by making good decisions despite all that, though, it’s all the more rewarding.

A mother’s anonymous post on Reddit betrayed her own young one’s grown-up side in the form of a note that he wrote to her. On a folded sheet of loose-leaf were the childish scrawlings of her son:

“Dear mom,” it began. “Do NOT opeon to i get on the Bus [sic],” signed, “Ahmard.”

©Reddit | Chas09

And what life lesson did Ahmard demonstrate to his mother inside the letter? It was one of the most mature, wise thoughts a child could have—one that we older folks could learn a thing or two from. To give a hint: in one sense, it was the delaying of gratification, postponing a momentary pleasure for some future benefit. In another sense, it was selfless altruism, gratitude or kindness, sacrificing one’s own benefits to help another in need, his mother in this case—knowing that to help others is to help one’s self.

After unfolding the paper, Ahmard’s note continued:

Dear mom

you gave me and Jakiyah ice cream money butiam giving my 1.00 back to help you pay a bill i don’t need ice cream there will be another time for that. [sic]

I Love you



Tucked neatly inside the folded piece of paper was a $1 note, which we assume had been Ahmard’s ice cream money.

©Reddit | Chas09

As childish as it may be, the gesture probably made his mother proud. But that childishness is exactly what makes the gesture so charming and beautiful.

The post has since garnered nearly 500 comments from Reddit users online, which mostly express how sweet it was, but also show sympathy for the tough times the family must be facing:

“[…] Mom likely has a good long cry, and realizes that maybe she’s doing better than she thought,” wrote “essidus.”

“I really think adversity can bring out the best in people with the right temperament,” wrote “OMY,” sharing some words of wisdom of their own.

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Ahmard’s letter also seemed to resonate with others who had similar life experiences: “Mothballs_vc” wrote, “[…] Your story was really my life. Any money I ever found or my mother gave me I always returned. I felt so guilty accepting or asking for things. Still do.”

From all of these, the gestures, the life lessons, and the sharing of life experiences can really teach all of us a few things about what’s important in life: selflessness and gratitude are timeless qualities that make life worthwhile.