Beautiful Experience of Shen Yun Gives Deep Appreciation for Life

March 13, 2017

“It’s been interesting to witness different cultures. Very inviting and warm. It’s been a beautiful experience.”

“Everything has touched me very deeply—just witnessing the different cultures and the different dances. They’ve had a deep impact on me, and just the diversity of our cultures, and how we are all one, and how we’re all connected to each other.”

“[I feel] peace, love, compassion. I can’t wait for the second act. Deep gratitude, I guess, deep, deep gratitude for life.”

“We’re all part of each other, so we need to open our hearts and our minds to the diversity amongst all of us.”

“[I’ll tell people] how much it’s impacted my life. I’m battling cancer right now, too, so it touches me very deeply. And how to live, and express yourself. Be creative.”

Amy Ferko, oncology massage therapist
Rosemont, United States
Shen Yun Touring Company
March 12, 2017