Beautiful Experience of Shen Yun Gives Deep Appreciation for Life

March 13, 2017

“It’s been interesting to witness different cultures. Very inviting and warm. It’s been a beautiful experience.”

“Everything has touched me very deeply—just witnessing the different cultures and the different dances. They’ve had a deep impact on me, and just the diversity of our cultures, and how we are all one, and how we’re all connected to each other.”

“[I feel] peace, love, compassion. I can’t wait for the second act. Deep gratitude, I guess, deep, deep gratitude for life.”

“We’re all part of each other, so we need to open our hearts and our minds to the diversity amongst all of us.”

“[I’ll tell people] how much it’s impacted my life. I’m battling cancer right now, too, so it touches me very deeply. And how to live, and express yourself. Be creative.”