Arts Ambassador Says Shen Yun Is Authentic, Colorful Extravaganza

March 27, 2017

“[Shen Yun] is a colorful extravaganza of dance and music from China. It’s authentic.”

“I wanted to see the originality of the Shen Yun troupe. I am quite involved with the university’s art and lecture program … We do a large variety of dance and music and all types of theatre and lectures. I am interested in anything like this. This is totally unique.”

“I love the dance, and I want to learn more about the Chinese forms of dance. I loved that they included the Tibetan dance and the village dances.”

“The costumes are spectacular. It’s obvious that so much care has gone into every detail, and the background, and the music. Having the whole orchestra perform with them is a special thing.”

“The backdrops are really impressive because of the animation that they have. They tell a story too.” 

“It’s nice to have the narrator come and explain [each story] ahead of time, making it easier to follow. It is accessible for young children all the way up to senior citizens.”

“I think the overall message [is] of spirituality and courage, when it comes to facing world events.”