Art Professor Says Shen Yun Is so Beautiful ‘It Touches Humans’ Hearts’

May 3, 2018

“[Shen Yun] is so beautiful! It touches humans’ hearts.”

“Such a performance is fantastic, and it is important not only for a country but also for the world as a whole. I hope [Shen Yun] can persevere and perform all over the world, so that more people can benefit from it.”

“In particular, the foot movements are beautiful beyond description. They are outstanding and different from those in Japanese and Western dances—as they are especially beautiful and vivid.”

“Shen Yun doesn’t only focus on its external beauty, but its content is especially touching. It is devoted to reviving traditional culture in an art form.”

“True art is concerned about humanity and life. In these regards, Shen Yun has done a remarkable job.”