‘Angel’ Dolly Parton Saves Her 9-Year-Old Costar’s Life While Filming New Christmas Movie

December 15, 2020 Updated: December 15, 2020

Dolly Parton plays an angel in the Netflix original holiday movie “Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square,” released on Nov. 22. She is also taking her angel role seriously in real life.

While on the set of the movie, Parton reportedly saved a life by whisking her 9-year-old costar out of the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Talia Hill, aged 9, and her brothers Tristan, 16, and Tyson, 13, were all independently cast for the movie after an intensive audition process. The trio were star-struck upon meeting the legendary singer-songwriter on set.

“When Dolly walked in she smelled like heaven,” Talia recalled in an interview with Inside Edition. “She greeted everyone, even if you were a trashcan person. It was such a great feeling.”

“[B]eing in her presence lifts you,” added Tristan. “She is so amazing.”

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(Courtesy of Tonia Abruzzo Hill)

Talia was visiting the hot chocolate station on set one day when the cast received the call to return to their marks. Rushing, Talia failed to see a moving car headed in her direction. Luckily, her guardian angel noticed in the nick of time.

“I looked up and it was Dolly Parton, and I was like, surprised,” Talia recalled. “And she’s like, ‘Well, I am an angel, you know.’”

Talia admitted that she was in shock while Parton held her. “She hugged me and shook me and said, ‘I saved your life!’” Talia recalled.

The Hills’ reverence for the iconic country performer was cemented in that moment, as was their mother’s, who witnessed the scary event.

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Parton talks to the media at a press conference at the InterContinental Sydney in Sydney, Australia, in 2011. (Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Mom Tonia Hill and her husband, Travis Hill, met while working at Disney World, where Tonia was an entertainer for 26 years. “I danced with all three of my babies in my bellies,” Tonia explained.

Talia credits her mom for her passion for performance, claiming, “She makes me grow as a dancer.”

“She gives us tips and tricks and how to make people feel something and it really helps,” added Tyson.

“Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square,” according to IMDB, follows the inhabitants of a small town fighting against eviction from their “embittered Scrooge”-like landowner, ahead of Christmas day.

Parton’s redemptive angel plays a key role in the resolution of this feel-good family movie, which is also full of festive songs sung by the legend herself.

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