Alan Jackson’s Daughter Reveals a Rare Insight About Her Country Music Star Father

March 16, 2019 Updated: March 16, 2019

You’d be hard pushed not to admit that Alan Jackson is a talented man. The gifted songwriter has sold more than 80 million records in four decades, is a member of the Grand Ole Opry, and is currently on the road with the hugely successful Honky Tonk Highway Tour. In 2017, Jackson was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame along with country music stars Jerry Reed and Don Schlitz.

However, Jackson’s daughter has revealed a rare insight about the man and father she knows: Alan Jackson is extraordinarily humble.

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The 60-year-old singer is no stranger to the limelight but has always kept his head down and focused on the music, preferencing songwriting over the glittering facade of fame. When he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, he admitted to Rolling Stone magazine: “Even though I’ve done a lot, I still don’t feel quite worthy.” Describing the induction as “an honor,” Jackson bashfully acknowledged the impressive entrance requirements that allowed him to stand figuratively alongside “these great people.”

“It’s hard to get in here!” he joked.

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Jackson first visited the Hall of Fame back in 1991. “At the time, I don’t think I was thinking about that [legacy],” he told Rolling Stone Country. “I was just trying to make it through the next year and hoping my career would last three or four years.”

“I’ve always tried to make music my first priority,” the singer reiterated, “… just trying to make music that I loved.” Jackson’s 26-year-old daughter, Alexandra Jane Jackson—“Ali” to her family—would agree. She is a staunch champion of her father and his career, and as such, is quick to attest to his modesty.

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Ali has two sisters, one older, one younger. Jackson’s middle daughter released a tribute to her dad full of praise for his numerous accomplishments as a parent, surely the greatest accolade of all. “I see you as: my best friend, the guy that taught me how you treat people matters more than anything else and taught me just how to stand on my own two feet,” she shared.

Jackson married his wife, Denise, the mother of his three girls, on Dec. 15, 1979, while Denise was carving out a career as a flight attendant. The pair were childhood sweethearts and remain married to this day. Denise even penned an autobiography in 2007 titled It’s All About Him: Finding the Love of My Life, the biggest indication one might need that the couple are deeply committed to one another.

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Jackson, showing mutual appreciation for his wife’s many years of loving support, confidently credited Denise for jump-starting his career. Denise, once upon a time, bumped into the late country legend Glen Campbell at the airport where she worked and was given his business card: Campbell and Jackson set up a fortuitous meeting shortly thereafter.

Despite his career successes, Jackson remains a modest family man and has clearly had a tremendous impression on his middle daughter, whose tribute continued. “You’re every daughter’s dream father,” Ali shared, before wrapping up her moving tribute with a heartfelt extension of thanks to her dear dad. “Thank you for raising us in a house filled with Jesus and music, and always making sure we knew whatever our dream was could be our reality.”

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Jackson’s awards speak for themselves: the musician holds two Grammy awards, 16 Country Music Association awards, and 17 Academy of Country Music awards. Jackson may still walk around in a veil of disbelief, but the Hall of Fame would argue otherwise!

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Best Fathers Day present is spending time with my beautiful girls

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Still, for Alan Jackson, music, family, and home is where the heart is. In the face of accolade, he will remain forever humble.