Alabama Is the Fast Food Capital of America

July 17, 2018 Updated: October 8, 2018

Fast food is ubiquitous throughout America, but to varying degrees in each state.

According to a recent survey by Datafiniti, Alabama has the highest number of fast food restaurants per capita: 6.3 restaurants per 10,000 residents. Other Southern states dominate the rest of the top 10. Meanwhile, most of the states with the fewest fast food restaurants per capita are from the Eastern U.S.; Vermont has the fewest (1.9), followed by New Jersey (2.0) and New York (2.1).

Top 10 States With the Most Fast Food Restaurants Per Capita

  1. Alabama: 6.3
  2. Nebraska: 5.4
  3. West Virginia: 5.3
  4. Oklahoma: 5.3
  5. Tennessee: 5.2
  6. Indiana: 5.0
  7. District of Columbia: 5.0
  8. Georgia: 4.9
  9. Missouri: 4.9
  10. South Carolina: 4.9

As for the most common fast food chains, Subway took the top spot, with its outposts making up 18.5 percent of the total fast food restaurants in the country, followed by McDonald’s (11.3 percent), Burger King (5.7 percent), and Taco Bell (5.3 percent).