Admires Creative Genius Behind Shen Yun Dance

April 28, 2017

“This is the second time I’ve seen this year’s show, I saw it in Sydney originally and now tonight in Adelaide. I came tonight to see it again because I think it’s worth seeing it at least two, three times.”

“It’s got a very rich content of Chinese culture in it, which is fascinating, very different to what we are used to. It’s got a value, it’s got a worth, it’s got a huge history of 5000 years which probably means it is the longest continuous culture in the world, But there is also a richness to it.”
“I’m also glad to see the mention of the persecution of Falun Dafa that’s a very serious abuse of human rights, because we ought to all object to the persecution and prosecution in mainland China of Falun Dafa practitioners, it’s another holocaust, and this has got to be stopped somehow.”

“The more people, Australians, who see the show, the more they will appreciate the history of China, the richness of the Chinese culture and benefit from it too.”

“I find it staggering, I find it absolutely amazing and beyond belief that the Chinese government doesn’t want to promote a 5200 year old history of its people and its culture and its beliefs, I think it’s terribly sad and I think it’s depriving all the Chinese people of their own history just because they want to concentrate on the history from 1949 there’s no reason to ignore the history before that. I’m only one voice, but I think they are very wrong and I think eventually the people will appreciate how wrong they are and reject their control and the sooner the better.”

“I think the music is magnificent, the combination of Western and Eastern music together is superb. I think the music of your Shen Yun shows is so good that I have two lots of music from the shows, 2014 and 2015. Often in between shows, I put the music on. The music is superb, I don’t know who writes the music but it is very well put together, extremely well put together. Some of the music brings back memories of the performances in the show, it is worth listening to, it is very good music.”

“I would say whoever is the creative genius behind it deserves recognition as some of our Western composers. I mean it is music for the show but it is music that has a huge quality in itself as well and that needs to be recognised.”

“Thank you to the director, thank you to the orchestra, to the conductor and thank you to the performers because it is a remarkably colourful, culturally educational experience thank you for putting it together for bringing it to Australia every single year and also thank you for doing a different show every year because it gives a bit more knowledge about Chinese culture and Chinese history and we don’t know it and I think it is a good thing. China is not just the president [or communist regime] alone there’s a huge history and culture that we hope to honour, learn and honour.”