Actress ‘Still has goosebumps just thinking about’ Shen Yun

March 26, 2017

“Indescribable. Phenomenal. Amazing. The grace, the beauty, the colors, the stories, the history was phenomenal. Phenomenal. I couldn’t get over the talent and the scenery.” 

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this, so I’m still trying to take it all in. I’m trying to remember each scene. There were about 10 [pieces] before the intermission, and 10 after, and they were all so phenomenal. “Yellow Blossoms” [dance] was my favorite. The synchronized motion and the colors, and what they formed – they work so beautifully as a team.” 

“The erhu. That was beautiful. I was hoping there would be a singer, and toward the end there was a beautiful opera singing; it was phenomenal.”

“I think the spirit of China in itself [was present] with its colors and its culture, and it was so beautifully displayed this evening.” 

“The storytelling was beautiful, and the transitions in time [through various pieces], the elements that they put into it – I still have goosebumps just thinking about it. 

“It was an amazing adventure. I’m going to be remembering this for the rest of my life.” 

“I can’t think of a better way of bringing the history back, to bring the emotions of what took place [in China’s history], and the hope and spirituality of the culture.”

“Whether [a story is] tragic, whether it’s a love story, whether it’s comedy, if you can portray that, and lift someone’s spirits, bring a strong message, bring a message of hope, and the realization that people aren’t alone, it gives you a great feeling.