Actress Sheds Tears from Beginning to End for the Beauty at Shen Yun

January 17, 2018

“It was amazing, I was crying from the beginning to the end, it was so beautiful.”

“It’s just all these beautiful history and culture that’s banned in its own country, but it’s so amazing to see it come to live, so it’s not lost, and that really touched me … I feel very privileged to be able to see that—it’s beautiful.”

“The dance is amazing, the colors, everything, the art of it.”

“I saw a video about this years ago, like somewhat when I was about 13, I saw interviews about this show and I thought, I want to go to see that one day, I never knew if I get to see it. It’s amazing.”

“I do theater, I’m part of the theater at home and seeing just the excellence attained by these people. The years of work that has gone … every single person on that stage has gone through is amazing. You can see that especially if you see theater a lot, if you see performances a lot, you can just tell how these people put their whole life in this, it’s amazing.”

“You can become that brilliant at what you do by devoting your whole soul to it, and that’s amazing to see.”

“So inspirational.”