Actress Finds Shen Yun Performance ‘Amazing and Breathtaking’

January 13, 2018

“It was amazing—the word I have for it is breathtaking.”

“I dabbled in a little dance class but it’s amazing just to watch them—they’re just like on air … And the grace that they had and, like we were saying before my friend and I, they were just all in sync. They didn’t miss a beat, it was perfect really. Amazing.”

“The strength that comes out of them is amazing really. Really good.”

“I literally, the first minute I just kinda stood with my eyes wide open, not blinking because I’d never seen that instrument [erhu] before and just the way she was doing it. My wrists were just hurting looking at her because the strength that came out of her playing that instrument … it was amazing really.”

“As she was playing it [erhu], I kind of got transferred away for a moment and I just felt like I wasn’t in the theatre. I was just kind of, I can’t explain it, but the music really took me away. It was a wonderful feeling.”

“I loved the stories that went with the dances because there was so much emotion that came through their bodies—I enjoyed it.”