A ‘No Stress Thanksgiving’ With Julia Turshen

November 13, 2018 Updated: November 13, 2018

For the lucky hosts of this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, the countdown—and perhaps the accompanying stress and panic—has already begun.

Frazzled home cooks may find comfort and inspiration in the guidance of acclaimed author Julia Turshen, whose newest cookbook, “Now & Again,” includes a full menu for a “No Stress Thanksgiving” feast—ideas for leftovers included.

Alongside recipes for easy roast turkey breast and throw-together sides, Turshen offers nuggets of wisdom gleaned from cooking Thanksgiving for a crowd since she was 11 (“Where was ‘Chopped Junior’ in the 1990s?” she writes). Delegate drinks and desserts to guests; opt for dishes that can be served at room temperature; and most importantly, as many a chef will echo, “don’t start cooking on Thursday morning.”

Turshen’s Thanksgiving guide is one of 20 menus in her book, designed to take the intimidation out of cooking for a crowd and encourage people to experience the joy in it. At Thanksgiving dinner or otherwise, food is about connection, she says—between the individual components of the meal, and especially between the people gathered around the table to share it.

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