8 Ways to Support Your Grandchildren’s Homeschool

June 16, 2020 Updated: June 24, 2020

A surefire way to make the homeschooling journey even more magical for a family is to get the grandparents involved.

Are you a grandparent of homeschoolers? Whether your grandchildren have been homeschooled for a while now, or they’re just getting started this year, there are countless ways you can support them and your grown children on this adventure and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are eight ideas for you to consider:

Cheer Them On

First and foremost, cheer on your children’s and grandchildren’s decision to homeschool. If you’re unfamiliar with what homeschool entails, the idea that traditional school is the only way may be a challenging notion to shake. If you’re not too sure about the decision to homeschool, do some independent research and see for yourself how millions of children thrive in a homeschool environment.

It took courage for your children to come to this decision and they would surely benefit from knowing that you support them, are rooting for their success, and will be there for them along the way. If you’ve never considered homeschool as a viable option for a sound and healthy education, I think you’re about to be very pleasantly surprised.

Cheer them on! They are giving your grandchildren an amazing gift that can reap rewards for a lifetime.

Provide Support

When your grandchildren were born, you may have helped out with everyday things such as making sure the laundry progressed through its cycle for the day, or preparing dinner, or allowing your adult children to run to the grocery store or shower while you minded your beautiful grandchildren.

Homeschooling is similar in some ways to new parenthood. It’s a kind of hard work that is both demanding and rewarding. Helping out in seemingly small ways can make a huge difference in the peace, flow, and beauty of your family’s homeschool.

The environment in which a child learns has a significant impact. Helping to keep things moving, maintaining order, and giving attention to details their parents are struggling with can make a world of difference.

Even the simplest acts, like placing a vase of fresh flowers on the kitchen table, pulling some weeds near the front porch, or emptying the dishwasher are loving acts that will nurture everyone.

Take On a Subject

You can teach your grandchildren, too. What are your specialties? Are you an excellent baker? A retired carpenter? An expert chess player? A historian? A pianist? A seamstress? Think of your skills—from those you deem mundane (though your grandchildren surely will not) to those you might have put on a resume.

Set aside a regular time to teach those things to your grandchildren. The rewards of diving into your own special talents and sharing them with those you love the most will be immeasurable. You’ll enrich homeschool for your grandchildren in a way they’ll forever remember.

Make Your Home Educational

When your grandchildren visit, provide an environment for them to learn. It doesn’t have to be anything formal. Perhaps you ask them to help you make the meatballs for that evening’s dinner. Perhaps you regularly visit the library and stock a large basket with new books each time they come. Perhaps you keep a stash of art supplies handy for when inspiration strikes. Perhaps you invite them to take on a project with you, such as creating a backyard garden or building a birdhouse.

If you see your grandchildren’s learning in the world something you can participate in you’ll likely come up with all sorts of fun ways to engage and delight them. The fun is key. I mean, we don’t come to Grandma’s house to not have fun, right?

Bring Treats

One undisputed way to make any homeschool day be a little more joyful is by pairing it with lovingly made treats. If you’re a cook or a baker, you’ve got a simple way to make any homeschool day a bit sweeter.

Join In

Parents who homeschool often find that they didn’t learn all they could have when they were in school and learn right alongside their children as they go. You may also find that the educational journey knows no age limits. Join in the fun. Sit in on a history lesson. Go along for the ride on a field trip. Roll up your sleeves and participate in the science experiment. Homeschool lessons tend to feel less like school and more like family fun.

Share Your History

Sure, your grandchildren will dive into the history of the world at large, but you’re in a unique position to provide them with the history and traditions of your family. Perhaps you’d like to work on a family tree with them. Perhaps you can dig out old photos and tell stories. Perhaps you have artifacts from generations past. You are a source of history and wisdom for your grandchildren. Don’t let the opportunity to pass on all that you are to them pass you by.

Send Care

If your grandchildren live further away, you can still show your support for their homeschool endeavors. Stay in touch and find out what they’re learning about. Send care packages of books and supplies, along with treats and sweet messages. Cheer them on in their endeavors via video chat. Even long-distance grandparents can have a loving impact on their grandchildren’s homeschool experience.

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