6 Hacks From Property Blogger to Keep Heat in During Winter Without Spending More Money

February 2, 2021 Updated: February 6, 2021

As the winter months wear on, utilities bills can start to weigh heavy. To lend a helping hand, a British property expert has shared six easy hacks for keeping homes warmer without spending more money.

Kyle James, a property developer who bought, renovated, and sold five houses by the age of 28, set up a TikTok account to share tips and tricks for more economical living. His page, “That Property Guy,” has 136,000 followers and climbing.

In January, James posted a video titled, “Hacks to keep your home WARM!” which quickly amassed 1.1 million views and 34,000 likes.

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(Courtesy of That Property Guy)

“Bleed radiators to keep them running properly,” James advises. “Leave your oven door open when you’ve finished cooking.”

“Shutting blinds and curtains can keep the heat in,” is James’s third hack. “Foil behind your radiators helps deflect heat,” is the fourth.

For this hack, James cuts rectangular sheets of aluminum foil and affixes them with double-sized tape to the walls behind wall-mounted radiators, to reflect heat back out into the room.

“Try to leave a bit of a gap between your radiator and sofa,” James continues, moving a sofa approximately six inches away from a wall-mounted radiator to allow room for the heat to disperse around the room.

Finally, James advises, “If you’re not using them, shut loft hatches and doors.”

(Courtesy of That Property Guy)

Jimmy Williams, CEO of Urban Jungle Insurance, agreed with James’s six hacks. “Make your GCSE physics teacher proud by reflecting the heat back into the room,” he told LADBible, picking up on James’s advice to place foil behind radiators.

“Wrap some card with tin foil and put it behind your radiators,” Williams specified; “there’s no point putting time and effort into organizing your heating if half the heat is just going into your walls.”

Covering the bottoms of doorways with draught excluders, and drawing thick curtains at nighttime if you don’t have double-glazed windows, are two additional ways to conserve heat and prevent extortionate utilities bills in the winter.

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(Courtesy of That Property Guy)

“Property Guy” James originally relocated from London to Portsmouth in southern England in pursuit of cheaper house prices. He bought his first home in 2016 at the age of 24, a two-bedroom apartment for 120,000 pounds (US$164,500) and lived in it during the renovation process.

He sold the house for a profit of 15,000 pounds (US$20,500) in 2017, which he promptly invested into his next renovation project. Beside hiring experts for major jobs, James did and still does as much of the renovation as he can by himself, learning from YouTube videos.

“A lot of my journey so far has been down to spotting opportunities and grabbing them,” James told The Sun.

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