6 Easy, Quick Pick-Me-Ups to Brighten Your Day

A change in mindset can be simple to achieve

We all have those times when things don’t go the way we had hoped, or we’re just feeling down or low in energy for one reason or another. Moments like this don’t necessarily have to last all day or define a longer period of time. Sometimes all it takes is a reframe, a change in mindset, or even some bodily movement to go from glum to gleaming.

Here are some ideas to try the next time you could use a pick-me-up.

Go for a Walk

It couldn’t be simpler—just lace up those shoes and head out the door and into the fresh air for a brief or lengthy walk. I’m continuously amazed at how great a simple walk feels mentally, physically, and spiritually. Making this activity a habit in your life will turn into a treasured practice.


Did you just roll your eyes at this suggestion? The next time you’re in a bad mood or just can’t seem to summon the enthusiasm to take on the day, head to the nearest mirror and smile big. Don’t feel like it? Force yourself. It’s funny how a negative emotional state can make turning up the corners of your mouth challenging, but push through that and force a grin—bonus points if you giggle a bit. Keep smiling back at yourself until it becomes genuine. It’s rather comical how well this works.

Record Gratitude

If things don’t seem to be going your way, take pen to paper and begin to list everything you can think of that you’re grateful for. You’re reading this article, so perhaps you’re thankful for your own literacy. Or perhaps you’re grateful for the roof over your head, the abundance of food in your fridge, the friendly exchange you recently experienced, the family you’ve been blessed with, or your freedom. When you set out to write as much as you can, you’ll likely find that it’s endless. And even if it’s a struggle, there’s always something to be thankful for.

Share a Hug

When you’re feeling down, go find a loved one and offer a hug. Not only will you give them that warm, fuzzy feeling that any good hugger knows, but you’ll reap health benefits. Hugs have been shown to reduce stress, boost immunity, and improve heart health. What’s more, you’ll share the benefits with someone else.

Clean Out a Drawer

Often the reason that we’re feeling out of sorts is that we’re facing some level of chaos or uncertainty. It can be beneficial to step away from the issue at hand and tackle something that’s sure to be an easy win, such as straightening a part of a room or cleaning out a drawer. The mental break can lead to inspiration, and the quick win can offer encouragement.

Take a Break

Sometimes when we’re stressed, we confuse activity with productivity, which can be two different things entirely. What if you took a break, poured a cup of tea or lemonade, and just rested for a moment? It’s OK to pause, breathe, and just be sometimes. In fact, it can boost your productivity and your state of mind.

Barbara Danza is a mom of two, an MBA, a beach lover, and a kid at heart. Here, diving into the challenges and opportunities of parenting in the modern age. Particularly interested in the many educational options available to families today, the renewed appreciation of simplicity in kids’ lives, the benefits of family travel, and the importance of family life in today’s society.
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