5 Ways of Squeezing Toothpaste That Give Insight Into Your Personality–Where Do You Squeeze From?

July 24, 2020 Updated: July 24, 2020

Brushing your teeth is something so habitual most people don’t really need to think about it. Perhaps some people give even less thought to how they squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube, yet this minute gesture can reveal a lot about your personality. Here’s how.

Today, we’ll look at five different ways squeezing toothpaste can tell some important details about what you value and how your mind works.

1. Squeezing from the back and rolling to the front

This methodical approach to squeezing toothpaste may reveal that you are a systematic and organized person. You probably have a way of thinking and behaving that is very step by step and well considered. Because this technique makes sure you get the most out of your tube, thus conserving resources, it also shows that you consider the longer-term consequences of your actions.

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This careful and diligent attitude might lead others to look to you as a planner and a steady pair of hands in many different situations, from day-to-day life to more serious matters.

2. Squeezing from the middle 

While squeezing right in the middle certainly isn’t as efficient and careful as starting from the bottom, it’s perfectly practical and quick for getting your teeth brushed—and that reflects your personality. You’re probably not the thriftiest or most organized person in the world, but that doesn’t stop you from living life to the fullest, or getting the job done in a direct way.

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Your friends may know you as a fast-paced, loveable, and entertaining person; you might also have a reputation for being a touch too direct in your approach. At the end of the day, you’re content with what you have and let the day’s work suffice for the day, while leaving future matters for the future.

3. Squeezing from the top

If you find yourself squeezing from the top of the tube, on one hand, you live by the seat of your pants. You may be more concerned about the immediate wants than the demands of tomorrow, and will take what you can get today without thinking of, or even at the expense of, the long term.

You may even be prone to “burning bridges” that you know will likely lead to regret in the future but are used to shrugging things off and tend to get away with things. You may also be impulsive and prone to knee-jerk responses based on emotional triggers.

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On the other hand, it is also possible that you are not this way but simply have not given much consideration to the details of this daily routine; and that, too, may reflect something about you: that perhaps you aren’t as concerned with the details of living as you should be. So, take some time and slow down a bit, and try to be more thoughtful in your day-to-day activities.

4. Keeping the shape intact

If you squeeze out the toothpaste in such a way that the tube keeps its natural shape, then this shows that you are concerned with form and beauty. You’re the kind of person who cares as much about appearances and aesthetics as practicality. This private concern might mean that you come across as very introverted and mysterious.

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But you’re not opposed to socializing or going out; rather, you just have a certain way you like things to be, and more importantly, to look. This attitude can be problematic when it comes to sharing space with other people, as they may not see things the way you do.

5. Squeezing from different places every time

If you find yourself with a wrinkled tube that has been squeezed all over, that could indicate that you are an artistic and creative person, who embraces spontaneity and fears monotony. As a dreamer who is constantly imagining new realities and new worlds, the thought of doing something the same way every time just doesn’t make sense.

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Of course, your haphazard approach can indicate that you have difficulties with other people’s much stricter notions of time and obligations. You might be perceived as flighty and unreliable by others who don’t see the method to your madness.

Now that you’ve seen the possibilities, take a look at your tube of toothpaste when you go to brush your teeth next. You might just find out some curious insights into your personality.

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