30-Second Challenge: How Fast Can You Find the Odd One Out in This Puzzle?

August 17, 2020 Updated: August 17, 2020

Brain benders are not only a lot of fun; they are also an excellent way to train the gray matter that keeps us sharp in our day-to-day lives. If you think of brain benders as brain exercises, even the simplest puzzle takes on a whole new dimension!

So, how about embarking on a little brain exercise without even having to leave your chair?

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In this picture puzzle, your fun job is to find some pesky number 1s that are hiding among the number 7s. It’s no mistake that the numbers 1 and 7 look extremely similar to one another; with the extra challenge comes extra fun to be had!

Perhaps you prefer to scan the picture in its entirety, perhaps you like to scan row by row; use whatever strategy works best for you. If you’re a puzzle pro and you want to add a bonus challenge for yourself, then set a timer for 30 seconds and see how you fare!

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If you struggle to locate the 1s upon first glance, then take note of this helpful hint: there are a grand total of four number 1s to be found!

Take your time, do your best, and you’ll find the solution to this puzzle at the bottom of the page.

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Brain benders make for excellent mental exercise, but in much the same way as you can’t go to the gym on an empty stomach, nor should you train your brain without sufficient nutrition. Ever heard of “brain food?”

According to Harvard Medical School, it’s no fallacy that certain foods really do boost brain function. Five of the best “superfoods” linked to better brain function are green vegetables, fatty fish, berries, tea and coffee, and walnuts.

Leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and broccoli may help to slow cognitive decline. Fatty fish provides omega-3 fatty acids that can help reduce beta-amyloid in the blood, a protein linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Berries and walnuts improve memory function, and the caffeine in your morning mug of tea or coffee might just help solidify new memories. All the more reason to put the kettle on!

Eating well is a triple-whammy of positivity for your health, too; the same foods that are good for your brain also protect your heart and your blood vessels.

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Back to the brain bender! Did you find all four hidden 1s?

Are you ready to check your results against the solution below? Take a peek and see if you identified all four hiding places correctly. Recall how similar the numbers 1 and 7 look; if you found all four, then give yourself a hearty pat on the back.

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Keep your brain in tip-top condition the fun way.

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