3 Easy, Office-Friendly Exercises to Improve Posture and Get Taller

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If you find yourself suffering from back or muscle pain after being hunched over your keyboard in the office for hours on end, you’re not alone! This is a common occurrence in today’s workforce. Moving around and stretching is especially important for those of us working from home.

According to ballerina Allesia Lugoni, incorporating just three simple exercises everyday can help stretch out your spine and give you the perfect posture, and perhaps even a few extra inches, too!

Exercise 1: Elongate the Spine and Improve Posture

Wrap around your hand behind your back and push in your chest towards the ceiling. This exercise helps open up the front of the chest and diaphragm, helping you breathe better and elongating the upper back.

You can do this simple exercise whether sitting or standing, but it’s preferable to do it while standing up as you can better work your lower abdominal muscles, giving you the optimal results.

Exercise 2: Elongating the Side, Quads, Underarms, and Neck

This exercise is a great way to tone your hips and eliminate extra weight. For this exercise, stand with your feet apart, stretching side to side while bending one knee and keeping the other leg straight. Move one arm down while you keep the other high above your head and move them side to side as you bend slightly. This helps open up your hips and lower pelvis.

Exercise 3: Stretch Your Muscles and Help Them Grow Longer and Leaner

Active stretching makes muscles grow longer and leaner and provides the added benefit of adding extra inches to your height. To do this exercise, stand up and position one leg in front of the other and reach down as if you are picking a bunch of flowers. Then, bring your arms up and stretch, reaching down the back. This exercise helps you extend your vertebrae, which aids height gain.

Incorporating these three simple exercises into your daily routine will help correct any problems with posture. They can be done while sitting or standing, making them perfectly accessible for everyone. Make sure to check out Alessia’s video for a more complete demonstration.

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