25 Reasons Life Is Good, in Case You Need a Pick-Me-Up

BY Tara MacIsaac TIMEDecember 12, 2013 PRINT

Here’s a reminder of all the little joys life has to offer.

Epoch Times has compiled joys shared on the Tumblr “Just the Little Things”, on Reddit, and from three users on three different Quora threads: Mike HornLuis Zayas Jr., and Ashish Gupta.

1. The tremendous feeling I get from dancing to good music, or even listening to music

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Image of a woman dancing via Shutterstock


2. The joy and excitement I get from solving problems or coming up with creative ideas


3. Seeing a kid read your favorite book from your childhood


4. Awe at seeing a sunset or rainbow or clouds over the mountains

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Image of mountains via Shutterstock


5. When the dentist sprays water over your teeth after all the scraping


6. The intensity I feel when I create and tell stories to others


7. The way my cat talks to me when she jumps on my lap

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Image of a cat via Shutterstock


8. The peace and serenity I feel when sitting on a bluff overlooking the ocean


9. Driving with the windows down


10. That time you did something so nice for someone that their expression was worth more than whatever you could possibly have done


11. A cup of tea and a good book

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Image of tea and a book via Shutterstock


12. Seeing someone’s soft side


13. Feeling satisfied after a delicious meal


14. Putting socks on cold feet

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Image of socks via Shutterstock

15. Even those moments when you feel that life is conspiring against you, when in reality it’s showing you where not to travel


16. Cuddling with my cat


17. Waking up and realizing I don’t have to wake up at any particular time because it’s the weekend


18. Feeling the rain

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Image of raindrops via Shutterstock

19. The vastness of the sea


20. Recalling good memories with friends


21. Wearing a robe all day at home


22. Hearing my children laugh

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Image of child laughing via Shutterstock


23. A new book by a favorite author


24. When the toast comes out just right

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Image of toast via Shutterstock


25. The smell in the air before a storm



*Image of a woman drinking tea via Shutterstock


Tara MacIsaac is an editor and reporter who has worked on a variety of topics over the course of her ten years with The Epoch Times, including science, the environment, and local New York news. She is currently working with The Epoch Times edition based in Southern California.
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