127-Year-Old Famous Illusion Can Reveal Interesting Aspects of Your Personality

TIMEJune 10, 2020

When you look at the hand-drawn optical illusion below, you may see either a duck or a rabbit. Psychologists believe that what animal you see first will indicate a great deal about the way your mind works. But it’s not just a fine line between duck versus rabbit here; the ease with which you can flip between the two images may also tell you something about how creative you are.

This optical illusion first appeared in a German magazine in the year 1892. Titled “Kaninchen und Ente” (“Rabbit and Duck” in German), the drawing garnered massive popularity. According to Metro, the American psychologist Dr. Joseph Jastrow used the unique drawing at the turn of the 20th century to illustrate his theory that people “see” with their minds as well as their eyes.

Test participants who found it easy to flip between the image of the rabbit and the image of the duck proved to have excellent creative faculties, reported the Daily Mail. They could easily envision multiple uses for everyday items. On the other hand, those who couldn’t flip easily between the two images only came up with an average of two uses for each item.

So, what do you see? A rabbit or a duck?

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Funnily enough, the animal you see first might also depend upon the time of year. Mathworld suggested that “children tested on Easter Sunday are more likely to see the figure as a rabbit, whereas when tested on a Sunday in October, they tend to see it as a duck.”

The unique drawing has endured for over a century. Children’s book author Amy Krouse Rosenthal even wrote a book in 2009 titled “Duck! Rabbit!” according to Today, which may have prompted the image to spread like wildfire once again, this time on social media. It still appeals to a modern audience and it can still tell you fascinating things about yourself!


If you see a rabbit first …

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Then you have the mind of a scientist! Your critical and rational faculties are the envy of others. You are probably passionate about facts and data and may even be a professional in this field.

As a child (and maybe even as an adult), you probably enjoyed taking things apart to see how they work. You love to understand the complexities of things and never tire of asking questions. You are great at weighing the options against one another in any decision-making process, but in the end, you will always trust your head over your heart.

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You are smart and formidably hardworking. Your work might occasionally come at the expense of your personal relationships, so be sure to keep things in balance. But there’s no denying it; you have a brilliant brain. In the words of Wake Up Your Mind, “we’re counting on you for the next great discovery or breakthrough!”

If you saw a duck first …

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Then you are an artist through and through. Your friends and family will probably call you an idealist, and you always look for the good in people or the best in things.

This means you also expect the good and the best, however, and can occasionally be disappointed by the state of things around you. However, your high expectations mean that you are willing to go the extra mile to make life experiences amazing.

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People see you as a calm soul, but rest assured; there is a fire inside. Your harmonious outlook inspires others, while your ambition makes you a force to be reckoned with. You have great potential!

What did you find out? Revisit the picture at different times of the day, month, and year, and see if it makes a difference to your outlook! Whoever knew a 127-year-old drawing could reveal so much.

Louise Bevan
Louise Bevan is a writer, born and raised in London, England. She covers inspiring news and human interest stories.