12-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Jumps Into River to Save Man From Drowning, Performs CPR

June 10, 2020 Updated: June 10, 2020

A 12-year-old Welsh boy risked his life to save a stranger from drowning during one of his first outings after the CCP virus lockdown.

Ethan Hutchings was at the Gorad, Cwmafan, on June 1, 2020, when he witnessed a man struggling in the river. The young boy, who has been self-isolating amid the pandemic after battling thyroid cancer, jumped into the river and performed CPR on the man until help arrived.

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Ethan was out to meet his stepmother, Lauren Bennison, and younger sister, Bali, when he spotted a man in trouble and dove into action, reported Wales Online. “When I saw him in the water all I thought about was saving his life and to go down to him and push him to the shore,” the teenager told the Welsh news website.

The young hero not only helped get the drowning man to shore but was also a part of a group of people who took turns doing CPR until an ambulance arrived.

Given his previous cancer treatment, Ethan had been careful about staying home due to the global pandemic of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus.

“Ethan hasn’t had treatment for the last year and half to two years but he’s still having regular scans and blood tests to make sure the levels are staying down,” said his mother, Emma Hutchings.

Due to his compromised immune system, his family wanted to be especially careful not to expose him to the virus. That made his outing on June 1 extra special as it was the first time he had seen his little sister in several weeks.

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However, the brave boy didn’t hesitate to help when he saw someone going under the water. After diving under the man and pushing him to shore, Ethan started performing chest compressions.

“I’ve been taught how to do CPR at school before so I knew how to do that,” he said.

Some of the crowd of people who had gathered also lent him a hand until paramedics were able to take the man to the Morriston hospital in the nearby city of Swansea.

On the day of the rescue, Emma was walking back home after visiting her mother when she noticed ambulances racing by and even a medical helicopter overhead. “I didn’t know Ethan was up at the [bridge] I just thought ‘it must be serious to have all of those ambulances and helicopters,’” she said.

Then Emma received a very surprising call from her adolescent son, recounting that he had saved a man’s life. “I’m so proud of him for having that courage and bravery that he had to think so quickly, especially for someone of his age,” Emma said.

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Given that Ethan has been through several years of fighting cancer, he has become a tough person and a survivor. “He’s got a heart of gold and will go out of his way for people […] He’s still got a bit of cancerous tissue in his throat but he’s OK,” Emma said.

The proud mom said that even in the worst of his medical problems, he remained brave. “He showed so much courage through all that as well, with the operation to remove his tumor. He’s a little warrior and a little hero.”

“I’m so proud of him for that,” Emma said.