100 Puppies Born at Shelter After 65 Dogs, Many Pregnant, Were Lifted From a Puppy Mill

October 30, 2020 Updated: October 30, 2020

A Michigan animal shelter has been overwhelmed by the birth of 100 puppies since a suspected Delta County puppy mill was disbanded in August.

Michigan State Police (MSP) seized 65 adult dogs, 69 puppies, 24 horses, and miniature horses from a suspected breeding operation on a Rock property on Aug. 24. Many of the adult animals were pregnant.

“Never could we have prepared, nor envisioned, something of this magnitude to occur,” Delta Animal Shelter posted on Facebook.

Epoch Times Photo
A mama dog with her puppies that had arrived at the shelter. (Courtesy of Delta Animal Shelter)

It was MSP Gladstone Post Trooper Lisa Kanyuh who responded to a call from a concerned citizen about a horse in the roadway. Tracking the horse, Kanyuh grew suspicious of a nearby property and headed up the driveway.

“I saw the kennels with all the dogs,” Kanyuh told Mlive. “I could see some were emaciated; I could see their ribs through their skin. I smelled the strong odor of dog feces.”

Epoch Times Photo
Some of the rescued horses. (Courtesy of Delta Animal Shelter)

Immediately, the animals were removed from the property, assessed by veterinarians, and placed in a safe shelter. All the evidence regarding the case is currently under review by the Delta County Prosecutor’s Office. Police state that the owner of the suspected puppy mill could be charged with animal neglect or abuse.

On Aug. 25, Delta Animal Shelter took to Facebook to share news of their overwhelming intake. “We need help,” they began. “All dogs. … were covered in flies and have terrible fly strike wounds. We will begin bathing and grooming.”

Epoch Times Photo
Agatha with her litter of seven of puppies. (Courtesy of Delta Animal Shelter)

“These dogs are scared,” staffers added; “they’ve never been inside, never on a leash. We will continue to post updates.”

Slowly but surely, the dogs responded to treatment and the loving care of the shelter’s staffers. Amid the chaos, amazing transformations started to occur.

Agatha, the last of the pregnant dogs to give birth on Oct. 18, welcomed a litter of seven and one stillborn. The shelter’s update revealed that their cumulative “puppy total” since the seizure had hit 167.

Additionally, the rescued horses were taken to lodgings at a volunteer farm with room to roam and were given necessary medical care.

The dogs will not be available for adoption until the legal investigation is settled, so Delta Animal Shelter needs support now more than ever.

However, due to the dogs’ protracted stay, shelter staffers were able to update their followers on some of the most moving transformations.

Macy, once “defeated and scared” after a difficult birth at the shelter, was pictured eight weeks later with her growing pups, sitting proudly with a glistening coat of fur.

Epoch Times Photo
Macy, at first “defeated and scared” (Courtesy of Delta Animal Shelter)

Magnolia, named for her regal beauty, was once in a poor condition and exhausted from weaning her puppies. Her “before” and “after” photos are nothing short of tear-jerking.

Epoch Times Photo
Magnolia before the treatment. (Courtesy of Delta Animal Shelter)
Epoch Times Photo
Magnolia after the treatment. (Courtesy of Delta Animal Shelter)

“The health, the body condition, the overall mental state of all these dogs has improved so very much,” the shelter posted, thanking their community for the monetary donations, supplies, and volunteer time that have made these rescued dogs’ recoveries possible.

Epoch Times Photo
The six-week transformation of mama Macy and her puppies. (Courtesy of Delta Animal Shelter)

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