‘You felt a sense of peace in watching’

May 8, 2017

“[The spirituality] came through very strongly. You felt a sense of peace in watching, sort of like ‘goodness wins’—the goodness wins over adversity.”


“It was very beautiful, very visually beautiful. And you just felt good and happy as you watched the performers. And I liked the simplicity of it, the simplicity of the dance. Everything told a story and it was just really—you felt good at the end.”


“The colors and the backdrops were just so visual … And they use them in such a beautiful way with the designs. It’s not a still picture, but it’s always something that’s moving, with the dance or with the acrobatics or with the props. And there’s a lot of skill in what they do … and it shows a lot of planning and focus. Just really beautifully done.”