You Can Eat Naked at This Restaurant—But the Waiting List Is Already Over 7,000

By Jonathan Zhou, Epoch Times
April 20, 2016 Updated: April 20, 2016

A new restaurant is opening focusing on the theme of “returning to nature.”

The Bunyadi, which means “natural” in Hindi, will be free of electric lights, meals will be cooked over wood-flame grills, phones are banned, and clothing is optional. 

“We believe people should get the chance to enjoy and experience a night out without any impurities: no chemicals, no artificial colors, no electricity, no gas, no phone, and even no clothes if they wish to. The idea is to experience true liberation,” said Seb Lyall, director of the project, in a press release.

The nudity is not compulsory, and the restaurant will have two sections, one for the clothed, and one for the nude. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.47.59 PM
Floor plan of the Bunyadi

The restaurant will be open in central London in June, and the waiting list is already over 7,000, and growing fast. 

It’s not clear what will be served at the Bunyadi, although it will be a tasting menu and whatever is cooked will be cooked with a wood fire. 

“We have worked very hard to design a space where everything patrons interact with is bare and naked,” Lyall said. “The use of natural bamboo partitions and candlelight has enabled to us to make the restaurant discreet, whilst adhering to the ethos behind it.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.52.32 PM

Lydall had previously created the ABQ, a Breaking Bad-themed bar. 

At the Bunyadi, there will be gowns, changing rooms, and lockers for the guests. No photography is allowed.