Yachting in the Bahamas: Guide to Yachts and Hops

By Daniel Barber, A Luxury Travel Blog

Suddenly the Winter is over; most of the Alpine snow has all but turned to slush. Time to start thinking about summer holidays, and what better place to begin than the Bahamas! With year round consistent temperatures of 27 °C, refreshing Atlantic breezes, and hundreds of miles of white sandy beaches, the Bahamas is a unique paradise on earth. Across the island chain there are numerous beach resorts and hotels to choose from, and even a number of private islands to rent. But to truly experience the Bahamas and reach the most secluded and unspoilt islands, then a luxury yacht charter is the only way to travel!

The Exuma Islands are in the lower Bahamas and remain an unspoilt idyllic retreat, only accessible by private yacht. These islands form a string of pearls that include a variety of natural harbours and secluded beaches that span over a hundred miles of clear blue water. The Exumas are the perfect setting for total relaxation, with distinct personalities and natural wonders. At one island there are even resident wild pigs that swim out to greet the arriving sailors when a yacht drops anchor (really they’re after a feed; not quite a tale of flying pigs, but pretty close!)

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