Woman Gifts Grandparents with Brand New House

April 22, 2019 Updated: April 22, 2019

Some have said the best gift is family.

A young woman, who previously lived with her grandparents, decided to repay the gift of having a home by giving her grandparents something in return. Kahealani Paradis, 29, cashes out her husband’s retirement check to give her grandparents something special. Paradis gives them a new home on Big Island, Hawaii.

Paradis found a reasonably-priced two-bedroom home and decided to purchase it. She told Insideedition.com that she had wanted to get them a house for a long time.

“The house they had is where I grew up, where my mother grew up, where all their kids grew up. It didn’t have electricity or water,” Paradis told Insideedition.com. “A lot of people live like this in Hawaii.”

Paradis decided to film giving her grandparents the surprise. Paradis said she was driving her grandmother to look at a home that was for sale. Instead it’s actually the home Paradis already purchased for her grandparents. Her grandmother said she loves the home before she knows it actually is hers. In the video, Paradis said, “You know how they always say ‘When you give, you get back?’ So I think it’s time you guys get back something for all the years that you guys took care of people,” she said. “For all the years that you helped everybody else, it’s time for you to get back. This is you guys’ house. I’ve already bought it.”

Her 69-year-old grandmother and 67-year-old grandfather begin to cry in disbelief as they are presented with their new home. Paradis tells them they can begin to move in and they are homeowners as her grandmother cried in disbelief.

Giving back to those who have given so much can mean the world to someone. People who give will always get what they put into others back!

Credit: JukinVideo