With One Look, Rescued Horse Stops Woman From Committing Suicide

January 12, 2019 Updated: January 12, 2019

A woman suffering from deep depression, on the verge of taking her own life, had a sudden change of heart when the horse, whose life she saved, approached her and seemed to communicate something intuitively.

Some time ago, Lea Frazier had been consumed by depression. “I felt like things would be better off without me here,” said Lea.

On her ranch in Temecula, California, Lea tended to rescue horses and other animals such as pigs and goats. She worked hard to keep them happy and healthy.

But Lea’s own love of life was gone.

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Planning on ending her life, she started making arrangements to provide the animals with enough food that would tide them over until, hopefully, someone would come to take her place.

But one special soul wasn’t going to let Lea go so easily and seemed to instinctively sense her mother’s mood. It was a rescued horse named Cider, which Lea had taken under her wing way back in early January 2016.

Cider had arrived at Lemon Ranch Animal Sanctuary just before she was to be slaughtered for horse meat. The poor horse was in a pitiable state—quite literally a horse that had been “thrown away.” Fortunately, Lea happened to be there at the time and didn’t let that happen.

Lea’s heart went out to Cider, and she took Cider back to the ranch, nursed and encouraged her, and helped restore her trust.

But this time, it was Lea who was down and in need. And one day, she had decided to bid a final farewell to her animals.

That’s when Cider approached her mother and looked into her eyes. “She’s always calm and approaches very sweetly,” said Lea. “But it was with an even quieter, beseeching look.” Cider put her forehead up against Lea’s and “she just paused there for a moment.” The rescued horse seemed to convey a message.

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“It was clear that she said, ‘You can’t go,’ and, ‘I need you,’ and, ‘You promised.’ It almost feels like hocus pocus, but it was enough. That day, it was enough to make me wanna stay.”

Lea did not commit suicide, but continued to live. Sadly, one day Cider lay down in front of her mother as if to tell her something was wrong. The horse that saved Lea’s life needed surgery. Sadly, Cider ended up passing away due to a collapsed windpipe.

Lea said she has never known another horse like Cider, and not having her around has left a big hole.

Not only did Cider help Lea realize that we are not meant to walk alone on the road of life, but she also inspired Lea to initiate Hooves Helping Humans at Lemon Ranch, where sessions are offered to help people heal themselves through interaction with animals.

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