Wings of an Angel

By Xixi
June 1, 2008 Updated: October 1, 2015
 (Mingguo/The Epoch Times)
(Mingguo/The Epoch Times)

I hated myself, for I was said to be abnormal. Everybody else could play on the monkey bars and ride on a bicycle, but I could not. I had been diagnosed with severe spinal cord disorder. I knew I would always be shorter than others.

I hated going to school, and I hated my classmates.

I hated people looking at me, and asking me questions.

I hated seeing others smiling broadly, and having an upright bearing.

And all the more I hated looking into the mirror, and seeing an ugly and hunchbacked freak.

My friends found me cold and aloof, and always keeping others at a distance.

I thought I was going to go on like this for the rest of my life, until you appeared.

That afternoon, I was sitting by myself at a corner on campus, a spot where I would not be disturbed by anybody. All of a sudden, I heard a voice.

"Hi. May I come in for a seat?" I raised my head and saw you.

You sported short and curly hair, and were wearing an irresistible smile on your round face.
"What are you looking at?"
"What are they doing?"
"No idea."
"I bet they're playing games and making friends. Don't you think so?"
That was how our conversation started. We went on and on talking about everything under the sun – the ants, the clouds, my little niche…, until it was sunset.

All of a sudden, your eyes fell upon my back. You simply stared at it.
"Oh no, what I fear most has happened! You've discovered my deformity and I know for sure you're going to despise me now."
You stood up, pointed at my back and said, "I know why your back is hunched."
I closed my eyes like a criminal waiting to be condemned. I begged in my heart for you not to go on any more. But you carried on complacently and said, "I know what you've got in there. Do you?"
"No," I answered feebly.

You squatted down and whispered in my ears.
"Your back is hunched because you've got a pair of wings from the angels."
I was stunned. I looked into your eyes. Your tenderness was tugging at my heartstrings. At that moment, all my armour and spikes were dissolved by your warm-heartedness.

From that day onwards, I started to learn to like myself, for I have a pair of wings of an angel, and a friend as kindhearted as one.