Wildlife Photographer Captures Caiman Greeting Butterfly Sitting on Its Snout

By Caters News Agency
Caters News Agency
Caters News Agency
September 3, 2021 Updated: September 3, 2021

A professional wildlife photographer has captured a calm caiman greeting a butterfly as it lands on his snout.

The yacare caiman is native to the northern Pantanal region in Brazil. Professional wildlife photographer Leighton Lum, 33, of Hawaii, snapped the picture while he was visiting the area of Cuiabá, Brazil.

“Butterflies tend to land on caimans during the dry season when it is very hot outside as they’re searching for water,” he said.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Caters News)

He added: “In general, they are not aggressive or dangerous, but respect should always be given to them as they do still have a nice set of teeth and powerful jaws.

“The Pantanal has an estimated 10 million caimans, which is the largest single population of any crocodilian in the world.

“They are the common prey item for the jaguar, which is the apex predator in the Pantanal.”

Epoch Times contributed to this report.

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