Wild Stag Visits Elderly Widow Twice a Day: ‘They Are So Lucky for Having Each Other’

July 14, 2020 Updated: July 14, 2020

Losing a near and dear one can never be easy. In the days and months that tend to follow, the period of time can get really lonely. An elderly widow who lost her husband thought she would spend her final days alone, but an unlikely friendship with a wild stag changed everything.

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Mette Kvam, a pensioner, lived alone at her mountainside home in Aurland, Norway, after her husband passed away. A few days went by as she lived in isolation, then one day a hungry wild stag that was wandering in her neighborhood visited her.

Mette was immediately taken aback by the wild stag’s sweet appearance that she fed it some snacks. The animal, named Flippen, then started to show up beneath her house window for pieces of bread not once but twice every single day, according to a description posted on YouTube by Caters News agency.

Their adorable bond blossomed over the years as Flippen always returned for some head rubs and snacks. Luckily, one day in 2017, Britt Haugsevje Vangen, who witnessed the heartwarming moment as she was walking across the mountain, decided to film it.

The resulting footage shows Flippen climbing up the wall beneath Mette’s window and stretching his neck for a little snack. The then-81 year old, who doesn’t seem afraid of the huge animal, offers some nibbles and gently strokes him.

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While feeding the hungry wild stag, Mette is heard saying, “You are so lucky today, yes so lucky.” She further continues by adding, “You’re so kind..”

Britt told Caters News according to the Inside Edition, “[Mette] says that they are so lucky for having each other.”

She further added: “[She] has no kids and since her husband passed away she has no one—she only has Flippen in her life now.”

Flippen has no problem keeping the old widow company. He’s found sleeping sometimes outside her house.

“It seems like they are best friends,” Britt said. “The hunters in the area have decided not to shoot him because of their friendship.”

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This endearing moment between the two has touched netizens’ hearts after a video of it was posted on Facebook. Many Epoch Times readers left their appreciation for the kindhearted elderly woman in the comments section.

“So beautiful to watch how this wonderful bond between these two has progressed so well that this totally wild and usually timid animal can form this trust,” one social media user wrote. “I wish this could happen more often that these wild animals could truly trust humans like this how it would change the world for the better.”

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While another commented: “That is so sweet and such a great relationship. Think of how happy that deer makes her every day. Love it!”

However, some viewers have raised their concerns about feeding wild animals. “This is wrong on so many levels. This wild animal is losing the natural instinct to search for food on its own,” one of them wrote.

Watch the video:


Flippen the deer visits his grandma everyday!Credit: Caters News

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