Valentine’s Day Tips For Men: What Women Really Think About Your Valentine’s Gift

By Ingrid Longauerová, Epoch Times
February 14, 2014 Updated: February 12, 2016

What is the best present to give your love for Valentine’s Day? Or more importantly, what presents should you avoid? It’s a question many guys fret over. Whether you’ve just become “official” or you’ve been married for four years, there is a lot of men out there who have no idea of the meaning behind their well-intended gifts. Flowers are standard winner for Valentine´s day, but if you want to add something else this year, continue reading.

So although she knows you love her, some gifts won’t make her as happy as you might think. And be warned too, the same present can convey something different at a stage in the relationship. So what do women really think about Valentine’s Day presents?


For Newer Relationships: 2 weeks – 1 year


Be Careful with:


Be careful with candles indeed, as they’re probably one of the most chameleon-like gift options out there. Given at the beginning of relation, candles can say you didn’t spend too much time thinking about or searching for the best gift for her. But it’s a totally different situation when you already know she’s crazy about candles and you buy her favorite scent that she’ll be shocked you even knew about. Than we could say you are lucky, since buying presents for her shouldn´t be a big deal.


Facebook wall message

You’re dating for more than half a year. That´s usually the fragile time when the two of you are deciding whether you want it to be serious or just “one season” love. If you post some random rose picture on her wall, I think the decision would be quickly clear.


Movie you want to see more

Small dinner at home and then movie night at cinema. Sounds great by far. The only problem could be the movie you have chosen to entertain your lovely girly—Fast and Furious 7? Or Batman: The Dark Knight Rises? It can be hard to choose the right movie on Valentine´s day—you don’t want something cheesy and girly, but to watch car crushing the whole night might not be so funny for her as well. Maybe this is the right time to see something more intellectual or historical. Try Woody Allen´s movie – he satisfies both criteria. 


Score with:

Dinner out

If you’re dating for 2 or 3 weeks thinking “I want to be with her more often,” a romantic dinner out should say you care about her and want to take your relationship more seriously. With a small present to top it off you can give her impression: “I like you, but I don’t want to meet your parents,” what is probably what you at this time want. Take your time to think about something that would really make her happy, this is the perfect time in a relationship where you can glow.


Hand-made something

Remember how truly happy was your mom was when you draw her something as a kid? It should work with your girlfriend as well. Moreover, when you are together for more than half a year and still care about her so much, that you hand-crafted, with your own (non-existent) skill, an original Valentine’s card, will go far.


Gourmet chocolate

Giving chocolate as you near a yearlong relationship might mean two things: You were too busy or forgot until the last minute it was Valentine´s day (how did you do that??) or you really had no idea what to give her. She might still see that you at least tried by giving her some more exclusives ones (never give Pot of Gold!), but be prepared to give her that “special gift you’re saving for tomorrow.”



For Relationships Over 1 Year

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